Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Radiant Skin Works

I have been getting so many emails from people about my Real Raw Beauty Radiant Skin Line, that I thought  I would post a blog with some informative information about the ingredients, and why they transform your skin along with pictures of some of my current users.

I have been a beauty product hoarder most of my life. Anytime some "new and improved" products came out I wanted to be the first one to buy it and try it out. But if I had been able to purchase the type of products from the Radiant Skin Line when I was younger my search for the "perfect" face product would have ended years ago.

Radiant Skin is a proprietary blend of  7 Organic, virgin oils. Each oil has specific properties that heal, moisturize, hydrate and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are some pictures of some happy current users.



A few reasons why Radiant Skin works.

The oils that are in the product were carefully selected to:

Help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Balance your skin tone no matter what skin type you are.

One of the oils is anti septic, disinfectant, detoxifier, which help to clear up blemishes.
Breakouts occur because of hormones, bacteria and dirt. Because Radiant Skin is a cleanser and a disinfectant, it will not only clean the dirt away but also kill the bacteria., which in return clears up your blemishes.

Helps to reduce scar tissue and eczema along with repairing skin cells and reducing wrinkles.

The other oils help to hydrate and moisturize and fight free radicals.
(Free radicals are one of the main reasons that our skin begins to wrinkle)

Radiant Skin is an all inclusive product. Wash your face with it and it will remove dirt, makeup and eye makeup, then reapply to sleep in.  It is also a toner and a moisturizer. If you have fair skin or you don't want the bronzer effect you can order the daily moisturizer which has mostly clear oils.

Of course we all know that there are many ingredients to beautiful skin. Eating healthy foods that promote great skin, exercise, drinking lots of water and using skin products that contribute to radiant beautiful skin.

So what are you waiting for, transform your skin today with Real Raw Beauty.

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