Monday, November 19, 2012


Yesterday I went to see my friends at Wilderness Poets. Their company makes and distributes (in my opinion) the best organic nut butters, seeds and superfoods on the market. They have just recently started selling organic maca root. So of course I had to get some and bring it home to try. I have been taking maca root for going on 4 years. I actually have to make sure that I keep a huge supply of it, because I never want to run out of it. I mix a tablespoon in my smoothies every day. Check out this article that I ran across that explains the benefits. Feeling a little run down, moody,experiencing PMS, hot flashes, need a libido boost? Keep reading this article from Natural News.

Find yourself depending on coffee for a boost in the morning? Why not try maca instead? Maca is a root from Peru; it's a tuber, like a potato, and offers an amazing energy boost for those with low energy. Maca however, unlike coffee, offers energy in a non-caffeinated way that supports the body.

Maca is a nutritionally dense super-food that contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all of the essential amino acids. Maca root is rich in B-vitamins, which are the energy vitamins, and maca is a vegetarian source of B-12. To boot, maca has high levels of bioavailable calcium and magnesium and is great for remineralization.

Maca root helps balance our hormones and due to an over abundance of environmental estrogens, most people's hormones are a bit out of whack. Maca stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the "master glands" of the body. These glands actually regulate the other glands, so when in balance they can bring balance to the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands.

Instead of providing hormones to the body, maca works as an adaptogen which means that it responds to different bodies' needs individually. If you're producing too much of a particular hormone, maca will regulate the production downward. However, if you're producing too little, it'll regulate the production upward. (I couldn't have said it better!! This is what I love most about Maca Root)

Hormones regulate many things including mood, growth, sexual development, and tissue function. Hormones also play a role in many diseases, like cancer and depression.

Maca root has been shown to be beneficial for all sorts of hormonal problems including PMS, menopause, and hot flashes. Maca's also a fertility enhancer and is best known for improving libido and sexual function, especially in men. For this reason, it's earned the nickname "nature's Viagra."

Maca is a food staple in Peru and there are no known effects of toxicity. However, occasionally some people experience adverse effects when they start taking maca, and these symptoms may actually be detoxification symptoms. This is because when a body more accustomed to consuming processed and cooked foods starts taking in such a nutritionally dense supplement, the body will absorb the superior nutrients it needs and "throw off" the old junk it doesn't need for elimination. If this happens, you might feel badly but it generally lasts just a few days.


The Wilderness Poets Maca is hands down the best Maca Powder that I have tried. You can find them on the web at and click superfoods and will find the Maca Powder.
If you are not a person that drinks smoothies then you can mix it up in your favorite juice. But you will need to be able to put it in something that has a top so that you can shake it really well.

I recommend Maca Root for women and men. Give it a try and see what you think!!

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  1. Interesting! I need to look into this. I never drank coffee until I became a full time stay at home mom. Ha!

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