Sunday, April 6, 2014

Your skin and your liver

Before I wrote this blog post on the liver I really didn't know very much about my liver and how important it is to my overall health and the condition of my skin. I really could not believe how many functions the liver performs daily. Here are a few facts to get us started.

  • Largest glandular organ in the body
  • Detoxifies the blood to rid it of harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs, (prescription and recreational).
  • Stores vitamins and iron
  • Converts sugar to usable sugar when the body's glucose levels fall below normal
  • Destroys old red blood cells
  • You cannot survive without a healthy liver
  • It weighs about 3 lbs and is located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity, under the diaphragm.
  • The liver receives 1.5 quarts of blood every minute
This is only a partial list of the functions of our liver. As you can see the liver plays such an important role in keeping us healthy and alive.

Pictures say it best! Here is a picture of a healthy liver and one that is not.

In my research on the liver I ran across an article written by Sandra Cabot, M.D., who is a specialist on our liver and it's relationship to our skin. I wanted to share her information for this blog.

"Not many of us relate the outer glow of our complexion to our liver health. Over many years I have come to understand the tremendous importance of our liver function to our appearance. Your liver is the metabolic factory of your body producing energy to sustain the thousands of functions performed every minute by all of your body’s cells. Your hair follicles need energy to grow strong shiny hair and your skin cells require energy to eliminate toxins and repair and regenerate themselves. Your heart requires energy to pump blood efficiently to your skin to maintain collagen production and oxygenate the cells to protect them from aging.

If your liver is not doing its job of breaking down toxins efficiently they must be eliminated from your body by other means – in many cases they come out through your skin! When excessive toxins build up in the deeper layers of the skin this causes inflammation to occur and this can manifest as:

·         Dermatitis

·         Eczema

·         Premature aging and wrinkling of the skin

·         Brown liver spots which make you look older

·         Red itchy rashes anywhere in your body

·         Deep painful rashes which may lead to ulcers

·         Hives

·         Psoriasis

·         Acne rosacea on the face – this causes small red pimples which affect the cheeks, the chin and area around the nose and small yellow heads may occur on the top of the pimples

I have often found that worsening skin problems are a sign of liver dysfunction or of future liver problems on the horizon. There are thousands of different types of skin problems and an accurate diagnosis often requires a consultation with a skin specialist or dermatologist. Sometimes it is very difficult to pinpoint why a patient has chronic skin problems and for this reason these problems can be difficult to treat effectively. Most conventional treatments for skin problems use creams and/or drugs to suppress the rash or the underlying problem with the immune system; but in the long term these strong medications have side effects and that is why I prefer to look deeper and treat the cause (usually the liver and the immune system) with nutritional medicine. It’s more logical and scientific to treat the deeper causes of these skin problems than it is to suppress the symptoms – don’t you agree?

If the skin is treated with strong steroid creams or antihistamine drugs to stop the rash, the toxins are suppressed deeper into the body and cannot escape through the skin; this may cause health problems to appear on a deeper level in the future. Steroid creams should only be used intermittently for short periods of time. Long term use of steroid creams causes loss of collagen in the skin resulting in thinning and wrinkling of the skin.

Generally acne rosacea is treated with antibiotic drugs, which do not work very well and if used long term will make your liver unhealthy and possibly damage your liver seriously.

The vast majority of skin problems can be helped with a natural approach
A good liver tonic is vital to support the liver’s ability to detoxify and eliminate.

·         Omega 3 supplements – either fish oil, flax seed oil or hemp oil. Capsules can be used but when it comes to fish oil I recommend good quality liquid fish oil stored in a glass bottle in the refrigerator. Some chronic skin problems, such as very dry skin, dermatitis or psoriasis require large doses of fish oil – doses vary from one teaspoon daily to one tablespoon three times daily just before food

·         Selenium 100 to 200mcg daily

·         Vitamin D 1000 I U daily

·         Iodine 160mcg daily

These nutritional supplements can reduce inflammation in the skin and support the detoxification pathways in the liver.

Raw juices are another tool to clear the skin and I recommend you juice citrus, pear, carrot, kale, mint, basil, apple and cabbage.
Other factors which may cause skin rashes and inflammation are food intolerances particularly gluten intolerance. Gluten can worsen or trigger autoimmune diseases such as lupus which will then attack your skin. I have cured many skin problems just by putting my patients of a gluten free diet! To see if gluten is causing health problems for you ask your doctor for a blood test – “Test genotype for gluten intolerant genes”. If you have these genes which predispose you to gluten intolerance, try avoiding gluten in your diet and you may find a huge improvement!
The other cause of skin rashes is imbalances in your nervous system and this is not surprising as during development of the human embryo, the skin is formed from the same stem cells as the nervous system. Thus you can expect that factors which upset your nervous system will manifest as skin problems. Stress, unresolved emotional conflicts, suppression of emotions, lack of sleep or excess alcohol intake will overload your nervous system and may manifest as recurrent skin problems. "

I am in agreement with her about finding natural remedies for these issues. I have discovered a supplement that I want to pass on that helps improve the function and well being of our liver. It is called Liver Rescue +5 made from Healthforce, (one of my favorite companies). I order mine from Amazon.

Liver Rescue contains herbs that help our challenged liver to function at a more optimum level, because most people overtax their liver and their health is compromised. The older we get and the further away we get from a plant based diet the more liver stress there is. Nearly all medical drugs can and DO cause liver damage.

Even though my diet is very clean, I have no control over toxins that are in the air. water or environment. So I want to do all I can to keep my liver functioning great which is not only for my health but for my skin. If your liver is not functioning properly, it will show up in your skin. My husband who doesn't like to take any pills or capsules, takes Liver Rescue. And he uses Real Raw Beauty's Daily Moisturizer! His skin looks amazing. Both of these products have transformed him, and they can transform your skin too. What are you waiting for? Take care of your liver and skin and they will take care of you for years to come!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Your Skin and Caffeine

According to USA Today, about 83% of American adults drink coffee. It is the most consumed beverage in America. An average cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine. A cup of tea contains 26 mgs. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have triple that amount. But coffee and tea are not the only things containing caffeine. It can be found in Energy drinks, soft drinks, candy, chocolate and aspirin, to name a few.

I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 27 and I have stopped and started back several times over the last 31 years. I am sure my body enjoyed the break anytime I did stop. Trust me I have always LOVED coffee and really enjoyed the aroma!! Then I learned to make it in a french press and loved it even more!! But the more I pay attention to my health and my skin I have created a cross roads about coffee. Now I know too much about the effects of caffeine on my skin, so I have had to make a decision. Here are a few things that I have discovered about caffeine.

Caffeine contains Tannins. Tannins are chemicals found in both coffee and tea. Commercially, tannin is used in tanneries when processing leather to make the leather soft and shiny, which is a great indicator that you shouldn't be drinking it. Tannin blocks the pores cells, preventing them from receiving nutrients provided by food. The aspects that make Tannin great for leather are its hydration-removal properties, which can cause your skin to become depleted of moisture and appear rough and dry.

Liver Spots
A common skin problem is liver spots. These dark spots are caused by a high level of toxicity and congestion in the liver. Your liver acts like a filter for your body, purifying your blood so your cells can receive nutrients and oxygen. Long term coffee use may block your liver with toxins, preventing your liver from purifying your blood, according to Chet Day's Health and Beyond. This impure blood then taints the cells in your body, including skin cells. which may result in the development of liver spots as you age.

The connection between caffeine and acne has been a topic of debate over the years. Some experts believe that while caffeine may not cause acne, it could worsen the already existing conditions, says AbsoluteAcneInfo. The toxic effects that coffee can have on your liver can also lead to acne , as the liver is unable to purify your blood, resulting in tainted cells.

In addition to the dehydrating effects that tannin has on your skin, the caffeine in coffee, when taken in high amounts, also acts as a diuretic, which further dehydrates the body. Diuretics cause you to urinate more frequently, which can dry out your body as well as your skin.  While drinking only a few cups of coffee may not dehydrate you to badly, when you get up to 4-7 cups a day it may become problematic. Also, if you are drinking Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee, 2 cups is equal to drinking 7 cups of regular coffee. If you are a big coffee drinker, at least try to match 8oz of water for every cup of coffee for hydration.

Now that I am aware of the fact that high doses of caffeine put toxins in your body, contribute to liver spots and acne and dehydrate the body which all have a major effect on your skin, I have to choose to put coffee down, since coffee has the highest amount of caffeine of anything I drink or eat.  As my very good friend Nancy always told me " when you know better, you do better"! Well I know better. So I am drinking better choices. It has taken some getting used to, but I am loving the way I feel and the positive results on my skin. My skin is clearer and my pores are smaller. It also is more radiant because it is more hydrated.

I have replaced my morning coffee with Teecinno.

You can get them from Amazon, they come in several different flavors and taste amazing!

I also drink Matcha tea, is does has a very tiny amount of caffeine .01g/100g.

I buy my Matcha from Breakaway Matcha.

Another quote form my friend Nancy, " knowledge is power". Now that I have read the information on caffeine, and it resonates with me,  I have the power to make better choices for myself. No one elses experience can convince us to do anything. We have to make choices based on where we are in life and what makes sense to us and speaks to our heart. This information makes sense to me so I made changes for myself. And I am so happy with my choices!! Are you making good choices for your health and skin???

Until next time,

Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Miraculous!

A Real Raw Beauty customer named Stacey contacted me a few months ago and told me that she was going to have surgery on her upper lip because she had been diagnosed with Basil Cell Carcinoma. Not only was she concerned about the outcome of the surgery, but also the scar that it would leave on her upper lip. She met with me and wanted to know if Real Raw Beauty had a product that she could use after her surgery that would help heal the wound and diminish the size of her potential scar. I was so elated to suggest to her Radiant Rescue and the Radiant Skin Face Wash, and have her alternate them. Her results were so spectacular that I had to post her pictures.

                                                    Day 1

                                                                 Day 9


She starting applying the oils the first day over the stitches, and continued to apply them after they were removed. These pictures span a week and 2 days. She was overjoyed with the healing process she was experiencing with her oils. Because she uses the Radiant Skin daily, her surgery area continued to receive these healing oils. Her surgery was successful along with the healing of her scar. My husband just saw her last week and he said she looked spectacular. It has been 3 months and she sent me the last picture today.
We couldn't be happier for Stacey!! Nothing is more convincing than a satisfied customer using products that do what they say they will do. A picture truly is worth a thousand words!

On our website you can read about the benefits of our amazing products.
Also, if you have any questions about our Skin Care line please email me at jan@realrawbeauty,com

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Read your labels!

Do you remember when you were a child that your mother told you, "don't trust strangers"? The same thing  applies to most beauty products. Beauty brands are capitalizing on consumers desire for organic and natural makeup and skin care by using catch phrases in their product descriptions. Be leery and wary of language on the side of the products you are choosing.

Such as:
  • All natural
  • Earth friendly
  • Environmentally safe
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Contains organic ingredients
Words like 100% natural and made with organic essential oils seem legitimate, the reality is that the US FDA only regulates organic food products. That means that plant-derived ingredients are not certified organic by the USDA and may have been grown with chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides and other harsh chemicals.
Also words like "natural", "earth friendly" and "non toxic" are also not regulated and companies are able to use these terms at will. It's up to consumers to differentiate marketing from reality by refusing to buy products that use misleading claims.

Just because a product has the word "vegan" in the product description doesn't mean it is free from harsh chemicals.
Always check the ingredient list. A lot of times a product saying "contains organic ingredients" has only one certified organic ingredient. But you are lead to believe "all" the ingredients are organic. Also the "100% natural products" can still contain preservatives and parabans.

The point of this post is to hopefully bring some awareness to how company's advertise their products. You have to do your homework when you are purchasing skin care and cosmetics. Really take the time to investigate and study the labels . This is your skin you are applying these products to, the largest organ you posses. What goes on your skin is just as important as what foods go in your body.
Here are 5 Beauty product ingredients to avoid:
  • Petrochemicals-Examples include, petroleum jelly, isopropyl alcohol, or isopropanol, methyl alcohol or methanol, butyl alcohol or buanol, ethyl alcohol or ethanol, ( often used in skin astringents and perfumes)
  • Sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates and other sulfate-based detergents-examples include sodium lauryl ether sulfate, sodium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl ether sulphate ( most commonly in shampoos and shower gels)
  • Propylene glycol and plyethylene glycol, examples of these include ethylene glycol (found in everything from deodorant, and mascara)
  • Formaldehyde and paraben preservatives-examples include butylapraben, ethylparaben, methyparaben, propylparaben (found in sunscreen, shampoos, toothpaste and more)
  • Synthetic dyes which include anything with F&DC preceding it. Usually followed by a color and a number.
Check your products and see if any of these are in the list of ingredients.
My rule of thumb, if I can't pronounce it, it's not going on my skin!!

I can assure you that the oils that go into Real Raw Beauty products are REAL 100% organic, unrefined, unfiltered oils. The oils that go into my products are purchased from some of the most reputable and reliable companies out there supplying organic oils to the public. The difference in the organic oils I use is in the extraction process of the oil from the nut or the fruit. Most oils that say organic are grown organic, but are extracted with chemicals like petroleum and other chemicals. They can extract them cheaper that way. They have been infused with chemicals even though they were grown organic. My oils are unfiltered and unrefined, which means that they have never had any chemicals used in the growing or the extracting. And all the oils are virgin organic oils, not just one or a couple of them.

Know what you are buying, and care about what goes on your skin.

Until next time,

Feel free to email me with any

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowed in....

This week I have been visiting my daughter in North Carolina. I had no idea that I was going to arrive just in time for their first snow of the year! Well, not just the first snow but an ice storm with 3- inches of snow on top of the ice.

We have been stuck in the house for days, and that can do quite a number on your skin. It was 4 degrees when we got up today, so that means lots of heat to stay warm. Heat has such a drying effect on our skin. I was so thankful that I had my Real Raw Beauty oils to apply. I have continually coated my skin in Radiant Body while applying the Daily moisturizer a little more than usual, after using Radiant Skin Face Wash. It has stayed so hydrated and moisturized.

If you haven't tried washing your face with oils, it is not only a hot trend, it has been done for centuries.  Check out this post I did on washing your face with oils--Like an Egyptian:)

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rhodilola Rosea-My favorite new find

                                                 If you would like to go from this to this:

                                                               Then keep on reading!!

I call Rodolia Rosea-happy pills!! About six months ago I was doing research to find a natural supplement to help my husband deal with the anxiety and stress he was experiencing. I ran across this herb called Rhodolia Rosea. I immediately got on Amazon and ordered a bottle. I personally wasn't experiencing stress in my life but when they arrived I decided to try them out along with him. Wow, I could not believe that an herb was this amazing. By the second day I felt a real calming effect from them. It was really a euphoric happy feeling that comes over you and stays with you without any physical side effects. Needless to say I loved it and began taking them everyday. When you are taking this supplement you feel like you can handle anything that comes your way. You start noticing that nothing is ruffling your feathers or bothering you. I truly don't know anyone that couldn't use a little dose of that kind of goodness!!

Here are a few benefits of Rhodiola Rosea:
  • Aids in reducing anxiety associated with day to day life
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Supports overal heart vitality
  • Promotes improvement in general well being
  • Protects muscle tissue during exercise
  • Natures energy booster
  • Improves the body's response to stress
  • Enhances the healing properties of one's own nervous system
  • Protects the nervous system against oxidative stress, enhancing healthy sleep, lifting depressed mood, relieving anxiety and maintains blood sugar within a healthy range.
I will have to say for me I have experienced all of these benefits listed above.

Since 40% of American women between the ages of 40 and 50 are on prescription anti-depressants, the medical community is taking a serious look at this herb. Many physicians are now prescribing Rhodolia Rosea to cure depression and anxiety instead of prescription drugs. That to me is wonderful progress!!

Like I said, I order mine from Amazon, I have tried several different brands and have chosen the gaia brand as my favorite. I 3-4 a day. I carry them around in my purse because I never want to be without them

Take some time and read about it yourself. I actually think the whole planet should be on this herb!!

Until next time!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Why I love MSM

If you aren't familiar with MSM powder (Methylsufonylmethane), then let me introduce you!!
MSM is an organic sulfur compound that is found in many of the healthiest and nutritionally synergistic foods that we eat. It's in broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts.

The supplement form of MSM is a white odorless powder and is most well known for its use as a natural arthritis remedy since it helps to soften the joint tissue and restore flexibility. This is one of the primary reasons MSM is so effective as a topical skincare ingredient, among other properties it possess. As a supplement it is water soluble, so it will not build to toxic levels as your body just uses what is needed and flushes out the rest. People love the improvement they see in their skin when taking this supplement internally. This is no surprise because our skin cells are also "soft tissue" cells that need to retain their pliability and flexibility, and MSM helps the cells do just that both topically and internally.

When taken internally it has been reported to reduce hyperpigmentation issues such as melasma, pink or faded-red acne scars, age spots and sun damage. But you can also apply it topically like a face mask and increase the healing process. It has a brightening and luminizing effect on the skin when applied topically, and over time may help reduce uneven skin tone and help correct dark pigmentation.

When applied topically it goes down several skin layers and provides a deeply hydrating smoothing effect that last for long periods of time. Because of this it is one of the best ingredients. (applied topically or taken internally) to look for if you have chronically dry or mature skin that has lost a lot of its elasticity.

The sulfur compound also has an anti-inflammatory and skin repairing effect, which is great for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. It is also used to smooth and soften acne scars.

 I use the Bluebonnet brand which can be purchased on Amazon. It is by far the best brand that I have come across. I mix a 1/2 teaspoon in water everyday. If I feel that my skin needs an extra boost I can make a paste and apply to my face just the same way I would do for a face mask. This is just one of several supplements that I take on a daily basis for my hair, skin and nails. Give it a try, it is very reasonably priced and has wonderful results.

Add this to your Real Raw Beauty daily skin care and you won't be disappointed.

Until next time,