Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Blues? A natural solution!

Winter is almost over!! We are all counting the days until Spring! Here is a great herb to help you get through the final days. 

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I call Rodolia Rosea-happy pills!! About six months ago I was doing research to find a natural supplement to help my husband deal with the anxiety and stress he was experiencing. I ran across this herb called Rhodolia Rosea. I immediately got on Amazon and ordered a bottle. I personally wasn't experiencing stress in my life but when they arrived I decided to try them out along with him. Wow, I could not believe that an herb was this amazing. By the second day I felt a real calming effect from them. It was a euphoric happy feeling that comes over you and stays with you without any physical side effects. Needless to say I loved it and began taking them everyday. When you are taking this supplement you feel like you can handle anything that comes your way. You start noticing that nothing is ruffling your feathers or bothering you. I truly don't know anyone that couldn't use a little dose of that kind of goodness!!

Here are a few benefits of Rhodiola Rosea:
  • Aids in reducing anxiety associated with day to day life
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Supports overal heart vitality
  • Promotes improvement in general well being
  • Protects muscle tissue during exercise
  • Natures energy booster
  • Improves the body's response to stress
  • Enhances the healing properties of one's own nervous system
  • Protects the nervous system against oxidative stress, enhancing healthy sleep, lifting depressed mood, relieving anxiety and maintains blood sugar within a healthy range.
I will have to say for me I have experienced all of these benefits listed above.

Since 40% of American women between the ages of 40 and 50 are on prescription anti-depressants, the medical community is taking a serious look at this herb. Many physicians are now prescribing Rhodolia Rosea to cure depression and anxiety instead of prescription drugs. That to me is wonderful progress!!

Like I said, I order mine from Amazon, I have tried several different brands and have chosen the gaia brand as my favorite. I take 3-4 a day. I carry them around in my purse because I never want to be without them

Take some time and read about it yourself. I actually think the whole planet should be on this herb!!

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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Real Raw Beauty announced a new product this week, Radiant Toner. We added this product because so many of you have written and asked for it. Our toner is a 100% Organic hydrosol based product. Meaning that 75% is made with lemongrass hydrosol water.

Hydrosol water or hydroflorates are products from steam distilling plants. The water has the properties of the essential oil but far less the concentration. The process to obtain hydrosol water starts with a distiller. The lemon grass plant is put into a large cooker/steamer and as the temperature rises the glands of the plants burst to release the essential oil and the essence of the plant into the steam. The oil will rise and be collected in a container on one side and the steam from the oils are collected in another container. Hydrosol waters are the by product of essential oil removal from plant leaves. The collected steam droplets become the Hydrosol water.
Hydrosols contain all the essence and qualities of the plant in each drop but are in a milder form, making them suitable for toners.

Added to our lemongrass Hydrosol water are Organic oils that work with your skin as an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal.

After cleansing your skin with the Radiant Face Wash, apply the toner to a cotton pad. Immediately you will notice the clean smell of the combined Hydrosol and Organic oils.

The Radiant toner will not dry out your skin. But you will feel and see it working to remove any remaining residue and shrink the pores and firm the skin.

The ingredients in our Radiant Toner will help to kill bacteria, remove environmental toxins, replenish, clean, refresh and cause your skin to look healthier and brighter. It is a perfect addition to your current skin care routine.

Check out our newest product and website!!

Also we have a Valentines Sale this week-
14% off your order if you order between Feb 8-14. Type in the discount code Love at checkout!

Happy Valentines!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


I have been taking MSM powder off and on for 20 years.  I take it for the incredible benefits for your skin. I recently came across an article from Natural News and it reminded me how wonderful and beneficial this supplement is for you.  So I wanted to share the Natural News article with my readers.

The supplement form of MSM is a white, odorless powder and is most well known for its use as a natural arthritis remedy since it helps to soften the joint tissue and restore flexibility. This is one of the primary reasons MSM is so effective as a topical skincare ingredient, among other properties it possesses. It is water soluble as a supplement, so will not build to toxic levels as your body just uses what is needed and flushes the rest out.

Some people also report they experience improved skin when supplementing with MSM internally. This is no surprise since our skin cells are also "soft tissue" cells that need to retain their pliability and flexibility, and this compound helps the cells do just that both topically and internally.

MSM softens the skin and makes it smoother, more hydrated and "flexible"

MSM has a softening, deeply penetrating effect on the skin when applied topically. It has the unique ability to penetrate several skin layers and therefore provides a better, more deeply hydrating and smoothing effect for longer periods of time. For this reason, it is one of the best ingredients to look for if you have chronically dry or mature skin that has lost a lot of its elasticity.

The sulfur compound also has an anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing effect, which may be useful for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. It also may help smooth and soften acne scars and hasten the healing of existing lesions.

MSM helps make the skin cells more permeable, and therefore more absorbent and receptive to plumping and hydration. This means that if it is an ingredient in your facial moisturizer, it can help the other ingredients gain entry to the skin cells in order to hydrate them more effectively. It can also accomplish this when taken internally as a supplement, especially when plenty of water is taken in throughout the day to enhance consistent skin hydration.

MSM helps even skin tone, diminish hyperpigmentation and age spots

MSM has been reported to help reduce hyperpigmentation issues such as melasma, pink or faded-red acne scars, age spots, freckles and sun damage both as an internal supplement and external application although most people consistently reported greater success when using it topically for this purpose. It has a brightening and luminizing effect on the skin overall when applied topically, and over time may also help reduce uneven skin tone and help correct areas of darker pigmentation as well.

Since MSM makes the skin cells more permeable, it may very well have to do with the synergy of other lightening ingredients contained in a cream or lotion, so it may also allow natural skin brighteners to better penetrate the skin. The exact mechanism of this topical skin-lightening and brightening effect is not clear, although it is likely due to its ability to soften the cells.

So as you can see it has some very important benefits for the skin and body. The brand that I take is  Omica.

Check it out for yourself. There is a lot of great information out 
there on this supplement.

Also, remember we have a new Acne and problem skin care line at Real Raw Beauty.  www.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Problem Skin? Help is here!

We now have a Face Wash and Moisturizer specifically formulated to target and help heal acne and problem skin. One of our clients that has tested the products for us has been so gracious to allow us to use her before and after photos.

                                                Before Real Raw Beauty for problem skin

                                                                     Six Weeks later

Our Acne and problem skin line Starter Package includes:
Radiant Face Wash for Problem skin
Radiant Moisturizer for Problem skin
Pink Himalayan Salt Face Exfoliator
Dead Sea Mud Mask

We have found that in order to achieve the results that you see in the pictures above, it is necessary to use all 4 of the products together on a weekly and daily basis. In order to see these type of results it requires diligence and consistency with the 4 products.  Our wonderful volunteer followed this routine in order to clear up her skin, and achieve the outcome you see.

Some people think that putting oil on top of an oily face will only make it oilier. Quite the opposite. Oils dissolve oil. Soaps and cleansers  dry out your skin and cause the body to work over time to produce more oil to balance your skin's PH. Result, oily skin, which clogs pores and leads to breakouts. The oils in RRB face wash and moisturizer will balance the skins PH.
Bacteria on and under the skin is another contributor to breakouts. These new formulas contain several anti bacterial, anti fungal oils to fight and kill bacteria. 
There are a lot of reasons for breakouts and acne, these are only a few. We also know that this skin care routine works much better with a healthy diet and the removal of foods from your diet that contribute to breakouts, but that is for another blog post. 

So here is our 4 product routine

Night routine
Cleanse the face with the RRB Face Wash
Re apply and sleep in

Apply Daily Moisturizer for problem skin

2 times a week apply the Mud Mask

It's actually that simple and fast. The Face wash is a cleanser, toner and night time moisturizer.

The oils in the Acne line are completely different than the ones in our regular skin care oils. They were selected because of their benefits and healing properties for skin that is broken out or prone to breakouts. They will also help heal scarring which can be a by product of challenging difficult skin.

The Face exfoliator will help the skin eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin which are one of the reasons for clogged pores, which lead to breakouts.

The Dead Sea Mud Mask will help pull toxins out of the skin and dry up breakouts.

These can be purchased in a kit to begin the program, then replaced individually as they are used up.

All of this is done without the use of chemicals,  or toxins, only 100% Organic unrefined oils.

You can go to the Real Raw Beauty website at and click on the products and read more on the oils included in each product and their benefits.

If you are suffering from skin that is prone to breakouts, definitely check out our problem skin line.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Organic, Unrefined and Unfiltered

Organic symbols are everywhere you look today. Produce, clothing, soaps, spices, coconut water, fruit drinks, protein powders, cosmetics. and oils....the list is endless. I want to share with you a little bit of information about organic oils that you may not know.
Just because an oil says that it is organic doesn't mean that there has not been chemicals involved in the extraction process to remove the oil from the nut or seed.  Take Almond oil for example. You can grow an Organic grove of almond trees and never put any pesticides or herbicides on them in the growing process and follow all the organic guidelines to meet the criteria  to say-grown Organic. But you may not be aware, when the oil is extracted form the organic almond, most companies use petroleum or some other chemical solvents to extract the oil along with extremely high temperatures. Now your organic almond oil has chemicals in them. This process is called refinement. This type of extraction saves companies lots of money, but you think you are buying 100% Organic. What we need to be looking for in oils is not just the word Organic but the statement, Organic, unrefined and unfiltered. 

In order for an oil to be labeled unrefined the nuts must be extracted by some type of cold pressed method. This type of extraction of the oils does not use any solvents, hexane or alcohol and this means that the oils have not been processed through heat intensive hydraulic extraction, which will produce unhealthy, lower quality oils.
Unrefined oils maintain their rich strong flavor and color and nutrients.

Also oils may go through a filtering process that uses bleaching or synthetic silica to eliminate carotenoids, fatty acids and pesticides or active carbon to deodorize and reduce orders. Needless to say these steps produce a lower standard oil.

Oils that say unrefined do not go through this process.

So when choosing oils, choose 100% Organic, unrefined and unfiltered for your skin. This guarantees quality and integrity for your skin. This is our standard at Real Raw Beauty. Our oils that are extracted from a seed or a nut are not only Organic, but unrefined and unfiltered. It makes a difference. And when you use Real Raw Beauty oils on your face and body you will see and feel the difference. Check out the ingredient labels on your skin care.  Unless it says 100% Organic, unrefined,'s not.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Hormone of Desire

'Continueing the odyssey of 'The Hormone of Desire'

I just recently came across and read a book, "The Hormone of Desire" by Dr Susan Rako. She is a Harvard trained Boston based psychiatrist that wrote this book almost 20 years ago. Created out of her own experience, addressed to women and to their doctors, this book redefines the concept of hormone replacement therapy to include testosterone for the large population of woman who need it for the maintenance of vital and sexual energy-whether their testosterone deficiency has been caused by natural aging and menopause, surgical removal of ovaries, or the effects of chemotherapy.

She states in the beginning of the book,"My experience began like that of many women approaching menopause. I have always been comfortable with my body's female manifestations and rhythms. I had expected to go through menopause "naturally" without the the use of hormones. When I was 47 still having menstrual periods-irregular-I could not make sense of loss of general vital energy, loss and thinning of hair, and loss of sexual energy I experienced. To say that I was lacking a feeling of well-being was an understatement.
In a search to learn what I could find about loss of sexual and vital energy at menopause, I became very familiar with the stacks of Harvard's Countway Medical Library. The data was there. But it didn't say estrogen was what I needed. It said testosterone.
I soon learned that research has shown:
1. A woman's normal physiology includes the production of a critical amount of testosterone, essential to her normal sexual development, to the healthy functioning of virtually all tissues in her body, and to her experience of vital energy and sexual libido.
2. This critical amount of testosterone decreases after menopause, in many women resulting in a loss of vital energy and sexual libido."

And that is just the first couple of paragraphs at the beginning of the book. I wanted to share this book because it helped me so much. She not only goes deeply into the symptoms and what to expect in our 40's, 50's and beyond from deficient testosterone levels, but provides solutions. There is so much information out there and available for men and testosterone replacement, but you really have to dig to find information for women. This book is a great place to start.

I am not a doctor and would never give any medical advice. But I do take my health into my own hands and find solutions to any and everything that pertains to me living a vibrant, healthy, satisfying   happy life.


Also, if you have never heard or read about Pine Pollen and it's benefits, here is a link.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid is quickly becoming recognized as one of the key elements and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. Doctors and Scientist from around the world are discovering it's extraordinary potential. Here is a little exert from Natural News on Fulvic Acid:

"If you would like to live to a healthy, ripe old age, take a cue from some of the most long-lived (and robust) people on the planet by consuming a diet rich in fulvic acid. Formed over thousands of years from microorganisms' decomposed organic matter, fulvic acid is at once nourishing and detoxifying. Offering outstanding protection against cognitive impairment, heavy metals and numerous health complaints - including diabetes, inflammation and chronic fatigue - fulvic acid has kept the Himalayan communities of India, Nepal and Pakistan sharp and resilient for centuries.

Fulvic acid is normally present in healthy soils, which is then absorbed by plants. Unfortunately, through modern farming practices and use of agricultural chemicals, fulvic acid levels have dropped substantially over the years. Modern water treatment facilities further remove this important element from our food supply. Considering that fulvic acid is a formidable antioxidant, is mineral-rich and dramatically improves the uptake and utilization of nutrients, it's no wonder that disease in westernized countries is rampant as exposure to naturally occurring fulvic acid declines.

According to Dr. Edward Group, founder of Global Healing Center:

"Fulvic acid is beneficial in part because as plants and other living things absorb high levels of fulvic acid, their biochemical reactions are sped up and become more efficient. Enzyme activity increases and cell membranes become more permeable. Water is able to enter cells at an above-normal rate. This is beneficial for both plants and animals by promoting balanced hydration and allowing the body to pass unwanted toxic substances."

Dr. Group continues: "Ingestion of fulvic acid is known to increase the ability of a cell to release toxic metals.

So what is Fulvic Acid and why is it so good for you?

Fulvic Acid contains over 72 minerals, 9 vitamins and 18 amino acids and an abundance of other beneficial plant-source fulvic-humic acid nutrients that are nature's way of helping the body.
Fulvic Acid is found in the soil, which before commercialized farming, was abundant in top soil for growing vegetables and fruits rich in minerals. It is a derivative of microbial degradation of humid substance. In short microorganisms in the soil, essential to healthy plants.
Now our farming soil for the most part is mineral deficient because food quality is sacrificed for quantity. Today the application of excessive amounts of nitrate fertilizers, eliminate the indigenous microbial life within the soil. When microbial life is inhibited or destroyed, vital fulvic and humid acids are exhausted. More pesticides equal less and less of fulvic acid which is needed for healthy plants.

Sick soil=Sick plants=Sick people.

Fulvic-humic acid helps your body:

Slow down the aging process
Produce more energy
Balance cell life
Improve circulation
Control inflammation
Remineralize the body
Super-oxygenate the blood
Improve brain function
Revitalize libido
Increase endurance
Cause your cell walls to be more permeable to take in nutrients
Remove toxins and metals from the body
Repair regenerate and restore cells-Including skin and nails

The list is actually much longer than this. But I think you can read this and understand how important fulvic-humic acid is to the body.

Before commercialized farming we could get all of this from our plants, because they were getting it from the soil. But now we live in different times and we have to find other ways to take in this very vital nutrient.

Today companies are getting fulvic acid from areas of ancient deposits of lush plant matter that were buried and naturally decomposed millions of years ago resulting in pure form of organic matter.

Also in the Himalayan Mountains Shilajit is being harvested containing fulvic acid.

I continue to look for the most superb Fulvic acid I can find. Right now I am taking this particular brand. But I will update you if I find another brand that I think is better.

You can go to there website
or you can get it from Amazon.

Please do your own research on Fulvic acid and you will understand not only how important this is for a healthy body but the consequences, resulting in an unhealthy sick body.

It is very simple to take daily. You squirt 4 stopper full in a glass of spring water. It really doesn't have much of a taste. Very easy.

Check it out.

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