Sunday, November 29, 2009

Colonics-The trip I never thought I would take!

Okay, so I finally went and did my first colonics treatment! OMG! Is all I can say.............

So here is how it went-I drove about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to there. I parked the car and actually set there for a second and said to self- "Whoa are you ready, here you go"!.... I pretty much knew
what to expect. I know people that have been through the treatment, and they had shared their experiences with me. Also, I had watched the procedure on YouTube that morning before I went-didn’t want any surprises, if you know what I mean! Don’t laugh; you will probably do the same thing.

I entered the front door and was greeted by the owner. She made me feel very comfortable and handed me a clip board with papers to fill out. After we talked, she took me into a room with a colonics table and began to tell me about what to expect. Pretty much I was told to take everything off from the waist down and handed a beach towel to use, then she showed me the sterile plastic tube that would be inserted in me, don’t freak out , only a couple of inches. Totally painless. I laid down on the table, and instead of me trying to explain what the table and setup look like, just google colonics or hydro-colon therapy and watch a video on youtube.

After the introduction speech, she walked out of the room and I did my own insertion of the tube, ( by the way, my experience was totally private and uninterrupted). When she returned she turned on the water from a cabinet on the wall above my head, she showed me the doorbell to push in case I needed her, turned on some music, pushed a cart of magazines over to me, (like I was going to read magazines while this was going on!)… It took less than a minute for the water to fill up the large intestine, and so the process began!! It’s an hour of filling up and eliminating. Everything runs down through these clear pipes and is taken to a waste dump. You lay there and watch all that comes though the tubes. I was honestly shocked at how much debris came out of my body. I had clear water with just bubbles for the first 5 or 6 minutes, then matter began to be dislodged and move through the tubes. There was nothing painful or uncomfortable about the procedure, really just amazement at what had accumulated and stuck to the inside of my body over all these years. Before I went raw, I considered myself a fairly clean eater, vegetarian for the good part of the last 15 years. But as I clearly” "saw", this procedure is extremely necessary, I believe it’s for everyone. In fact it will become part of my health regiment for the rest of my life. The instant physical results are astonishing. My skin looked younger, vibrant and glowing, the whites of my eyes were extremely white, toxins had been removed and I lost 3 pounds, all in one hour! Read up on it, Google it, YouTube it, then schedule an appointment and go do it!!


  1. What a tasteful colonics (sp?) review! It really doesn't sound as yucky or embarrassing as I would think. Thanks for the good info!

  2. I want to try this IMMEDIATLY!!!!!!!!!