Monday, December 28, 2009

Detox your liver for the New Year

While I was at my daughter Hannah's house for Christmas, I noticed that she was taking an herb called Milk Thistle. I personally was not taking this herb, so I was very intrested in finding out it's benifits and properties.  After researching Milk Thistle I came to the conclusion that this herb should be part of my daily regiment. I always encourage everyone to read and gather information for themselves, but I will give you alittle jumpstart to wet your appetite.
Milk Thistle is a member of the the sunflower family, the seeds hold the magic key. An active ingredient within the seeds is called silymarin, which is where the theraputic benifits derive from. One of the main benifits is it's antioxidant abilitiy, which is more potent than most vitamins.(Antioxidants remove free radicals....Free radicals cause cell damage which is the root of diease and premature Aging......)

But perhaps the most important benifit of Milk Thistle is the effects on the liver....and I don't know too many people that couldn't use some major benifits for their liver.
Milk Thistle detoxifies, and protects the liver from toxins and alcohol.
It promotes regeneration and repair of liver cells,  and reverses liver damage.

Literally hundreds of research studies, mostly in Europe have confirmed the remarkable abitlity of Milk Thistle to  protect the liver against virtually all types of damage, toxic side affects of medication, hepatitis, and our own self infliction and overindulgence of rich food and alcohol. The Europeans have been using the herb for over 2000 years.

You can buy Milk Thistle in liquid or pill form. I buy the liquid from The Vitamin Shoppe, but it can be purchased on line or at Whole Foods.

What a great way to start the New Year by being loving and kind to your body and organs.  Then reap the benifits of a healthy productive liver which in turn produces beautiful vibrant skin and complexion.

Google it, read about it, talk to a friend, then go out and do it!

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  1. Glad you found my blog and good luck with yours. Starting a new blog is fun, and lotsa work :) Happy Holidays, Jan and your blog looks great! Oh and my "Articles" that you mentioned on my blog, they're all my own info and work unless of course I say guest post (Im traveling right now) so Ive had friends write a few things for me, glad you're enjoying!

  2. I can 110% say Milk Thistle is a wonder supplement! We take it as well as our pets! Our cat was poisoned by commercial food ( a certain pet food store did not pull the recalled food off shelf) and had extremely high levels of all metals in his blood. He was in liver failure and was jaundice and very, very sick. The vet told us basically to prepare to put him down 2 days before Thanksgiving. Now, being a natural healing enthusiast myself, I started to do research and Milk Thistle kept coming up. Off to Whole Foods I went the next morning and started the cat on it, twice a day. Within 2 days we started to see a change. He started eating/ drinking on his own ( we were force feeding and giving @home IV treatment) and in 2 weeks, with confirmed blood work @ vet, he was starting to re-cover. I can happily say, he is now 100% better, the toxic metals have left his body and his liver completely re-covered. We all now take Milk Thistle after seeing the small miracle it performed right here in our own home!

  3. Averie,
    Thank you for coming over and checking out the blog, Im looking so forward to connecting with people via the internet that are on the raw/vegan and yoga path. Sending people your way!

  4. bellamom6,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story!!! I want to buy Milk Thistle for everyone I know.
    Im so glad that your cat is okay, and to find out how well it works on animals!
    Keep checking in, I love to hear from everyone!