Monday, May 27, 2013

Matcha Tea

I have been hanging out in the Raw Girls Memphis Kitchen for the last few weeks, so I have been a little slow on getting up a new post. But I wanted to tell you all about my new discovery, Matcha Tea.

Matcha Tea is what I would call normal green tea on steroids!! In 2006, 1000 Japenese adults were involved in a study that showed that those who drank at least one cup of green tea a day lowered their risk of cognitive decline (Alzheimers, etc) by 38%. Those who drank 2 cups by 54%.

Other research in the Journal of Immunology showed that green tea can help treat multiple sclerosis by protecting the brain cells. Green tea is healthy for the brain because of the EGCGs.

EGCGs are found in all green teas, but recent research has shown that all green teas are not the same. This is where matcha tea rises to the top. The ECGCs in Matcha green tea are 137 times the amount in normal green tea. This means that you would have to drink 137 cups of regular green to get the same brain-health benefits of one cup of Matcha. When I drink a cup of Matcha tea I feel like someone turned on the lights in my brain!!! It totally helps with focus and concentration in a way that I have never experienced.

Matcha tea researchers also found ingredients in Matcha tea that help eliminate abdominal fat. It is found in clinical trials in 2007 that Matcha reduces fat and waist circumference. It also helps surpress hunger cravings!!!

The ECGCs found in Matcha also have been shown to be powerfully effective at fighting certain cancer cells, while keeping normal cells healthy.

It helps in the production of good intestinal bacteria.

Well, this list just goes on and on for the benefits of Matcha tea!!!

ECCG is an antioxidant-a very strong potent antioxidant! ECCGs inhibits the Aging process of tissue and reduces inflamation. This improves your immune system along with giving you more Radiant Skin, less acne and whiter eyes.

As you can read, Matcha tea has some fabulous amazing properties that reallly do work!! I have been drinking Matcha tea for 3-4 months.  You will notice that your skin looks better and you are not as hungry, and your concentration and focus will exceed anything you have experienced.  But not all Matcha's are the same. I have tried out at least 4 and the Best on the market in my opinion is from Breakaway Matcha. It is expensive, but it does everything that it promises. It costs about $3.00 a day for one cup. That is cheaper that Starbucks and the health benefits can't even be compared to coffee. Google Matcha and read for yourself. I have never been happier with a product and plan to drink it for the rest of my life. Check it out...... 

Until next  time,