Sunday, December 30, 2012

Purchases for the New Year!

Yesterday I spent most of the day online reading and ordering products and supplements that I needed to start my New Year off right. I was actually shocked that I was so low on some of my really important supplements. But with the click of the keys and Amazon I took care of that matter!

Over the next few weeks I will spend some time and tell you everything that I ordered, but today I want to share about a new product that I am so excited about getting in the mail this week. A Earthing Mat. I have heard of them for a long time and I have seen videos and read articles but I never ordered one until yesterday. Actually I ordered 2, one for myself and my husband.

I spent a lot of time flying and sitting in airports during the Christmas holidays. There was one day that I set for 10 hrs because of plane cancellations. Needless to say I wish I had taken along an Earthing Mat.

An Earthing Mat works on the same principles as walking barefoot and being connected to the earth. When we are connected to the earth we absorb free electrons-nature's most abundant source of anti-inflamatories which instantaneously begin to neutralize the positively-charged free radicals that create inflammation, pain and dis-ease. In the summer or in warm climates it is easy to walk around barefoot outside and connect with the ground, but in the winter it is a lot more difficult. I am begining to see a connection between winter time and so many people getting sick and having problems with inflammation and pain.
Chronic inflammation is becoming the norm in today's fast paced, stressful world. It is known to be directly connected to the many symptoms and conditions that aggravate the body including heart
disease and early aging. Earthing or being directly connected to the earth is essential.

Eleven years ago Earthing was rediscovered and the more hours a day that you stay connected to the
earth the less inflammation and pain the body manifests and the quicker the symptoms of imbalance are removed. Through research and testing it has been determined that the best Earthing hours are when your are asleep and your body is in a healing cycle, and when you are sitting at a computer, (it protects you from EMF), or sitting and relaxing.

I am so stoked about getting this mat. My daughter Amy and her husband use them daily and don't know how they got along with out them. They use them during the day and also put the mat under their legs at night for more sound sleep.

Just think how many hours a day that we sit at a computer. I am going to put my feet on my Earthing mat every time I get on, just to protect myself from the Electro Magnetic Fields.

Here is a short video by David Wolfe on the benefits of the Earthing Mat-Enjoy!!

I bought my Earthing Mat on Amazon, Earthing Universal Mat and Cover for $59.00.

Check it out-there are so many articles written about the benefits of them.

Until next time,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Radiant Body Oils

Winter is upon us, and for so many of us that means our skin goes down the road of feeling and looking dry, itchy and flaky. Kinda like a desert with tumbleweed blowing through it. If you are like me you are looking for the perfect oils, lotion or whatever we can get our hands on to help stop and eliminate our dry skin. So after years of trying OTC moisturizing lotions,expensive oils, shea butter I finally have, and am using a body oil that works.

The Real Raw Beauty Body Oil is a blend of 4 oils that heal ,rehydrate, nourish and penetrate the skin almost instantly to restore the needed moisture balance. Here are a few of the oils and why they work.

Avocado oil is rich in nutrients and also serves as an excellent emollient for the skin. It contains sterolins that have reduced blemishes and also helped relieve sun damaged skin. It also helps to increase collagen which is so important in keeping your skin smooth firm and looking young. It also helps to form a natural barrier against wrinkles and many other signs of aging. Eczema and psoriasis can also benefit from this oil. Avocado oil is an excellent oil by itself, but when combined with other moisturizing healing oils, it makes it all the stronger and better to fight dry dehydrated skin.

Almond oil is a very rich source of vitamin E and B. It contains healthy fats, minerals, proteins which help to moisturize dry skin. It helps to to reduce inflammation, redness and dryness. It has emollient properties like avocado oil which helps to make your skin look smoother and softer. Some people have used almond oil after surgery to help reduce scarring. It also helps to keep your skin at it's normal ph level. Almond oil also has a natural SPF and will help protect your skin against harmful UV rays.

Radiant Skin is 100% Organic and contains no chemicals. With this blend of oils you can heal, moisturize, rehydrate and protect against UV rays. I used my oils everyday when I was in Mexico this summer for my friend's wedding. We were in the Mexican sun for 7 days and I never peeled, even when others were peeling and applying all types of over the counter lotions.

With the onset of winter I apply Radiant Body every time I get out of the shower or tub. Honestly, my skin has never looked and felt so hydrated and smooth. So if you haven't found the perfect hydrating, moisturizer for your skin this winter, look no further. Check out the website,

Until next time,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Green Bean Coffee Bean Extract Update

Ok, so here is my first update on my experience with green bean coffee bean extract. I have only lost 1 lb. But what I have noticed is my skin looks even better on this stuff. I went to David Wolfes site,  Longetivity Warehouse, and read what he had to say about it. Here are a few of his comments.

Green coffee bean extract is touted for its anti-oxidant, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties. It offers a potent source of plant-derived antioxidants and is rich in several polyphenols, which act to help reduce free oxygen radicals in the body. The two most prominent acids are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound present in coffee which has been long known for its beneficial properties. It is an antioxidant, which means it destroys the free radicals formed in the body as a result of metabolism. These free radicals if left as they are, destroy cell membranes and contribute to symptoms of aging. By destroying these harmful free radicals, green coffee bean extract actually slows down the onset of aging.

The chlorogenic acids present in the extract also help alleviate high blood pressure levels and can be helpful in treating hypertension. By neutralizing free radicals and regenerating vitamin E, Green Coffee Bean Extract has been shown to inhibit lipid and LDL peroxidation, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.

Because this green bean has not been boiled, it lacks cafestol, which is a diterpene. Cafestol is associated with the negative effects of using coffee as a stimulant, and increases the levels of bad cholesterol or LDG.

Green coffee bean extract has also been found to promote weight loss. This weight loss is due to the natural chemical compounds, caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The caffeine from the coffee releases fatty acids from stored body fat, while the chlorogenic acid assists the liver in processing the fatty acids more efficiently, which together contribute to weight loss. Also, the green coffee bean extract boosts metabolism by altering the way in which glucose is absorbed in the body. The caffeic acids act as a stimulant and boosts the energy levels as well.

Green Coffee Bean Extract promotes glucose regulation and balance by inhibiting the activity of glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme involved in the release of glucose from liver stores, thus slowing the release of glucose into the blood.

Green coffee bean extract is made from the green beans of the coffea Arabica plant. There are two types of coffee plants, arabica and robusta. The arabica is higher in quality and higher in chlorogenic and caffeic acids. Test results show that green coffee extract has double the rate of oxygen radicals absorbing capacity as compared to grape seed or green tea .

I believe that because green bean coffee bean has such a high level of antioxidants it is the reason that my skin is thriving on this supplement. I am going to take it for the full 12 weeks and see what happens next.  I will keep you updated!!!

Have a Fantastic week!!!!

Until next time,


Monday, December 3, 2012

Exfoliate and Radiate

I am a huge believer in exfoliating my skin! I think that it is such an important skin care regime.
Actually this week I am setting up a exfoliating calendar so that I remember to exfoliate my face at least 3 times a week. I agree it takes a little extra time to do it, but it is so worth it.
 I can always tell when I need to to it because my skin starts looking dull and unresponding.

As we all know new skin cells are continually being created. What do we think happens to the old skin cells that die, and they all will. When we were young children our skin cells would turnover and slough off on their own very quickly and bada bing new beautiful skin. The sloughing slows down in our 20's and by our thirties we are in need of assistance. The skin cells on the top layer of our skin
(the epidermis) do not naturally slough off on their own. So in order to reveal the new skin under the dead skin cells we have to exfoliate. Otherwise we end up with a dull complexion, which makes us look older than we are. Also exfoliation helps promote cellular renewal-and that's what we all want.
This in turn helps produce collagen and helps with the skins elasticity.

I use a very simple method of exfoliation for my face. I use the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Kit.
It is easy affordable and gets results.
It comes with a hand held battery operated little machine that you apply small round pads that have tiny fine crystals for gentle exfoliation. You just put a new pad on the machine, turn it on and away you go.  I use it on my face, neck and chest.  My skin always looks amazing when I finish. Of course I apply Radiant Skin to my face when I'm finished exfoliating because it is a wonderful opportunity for your skin to soak up all the vitamins and antioxidants and add a little more radiance!


 I know that there are a lot of different methods you can use. Some people pay lots of money to salons and dermatologist to have professionals exfoliate their skin. And others use home remedies like mixing sugar or salt with a small amount of water and use like a scrub. But whatever method works for you just make sure that you are doing something to get rid of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

Also don't forget the rest of your body. I have a body brush that I use to dry brush my skin before I get into the shower. I always brush upward towards my heart to stimulate and circulate my skin.

 If you are not exfoliating, I hope this motivates you to start and if you are, keep it up!!
Until next time,