Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jan's little bag of magic


Hey everyone,

I had such a great response on part one of my little bag of magic, I decided to go ahead and post part two, sooner than I thought. In this post I am going to be sharing with you my daily supplements that I take for my hair, skin and nails. If I hadn't seen amazing results I wouldn't even waste your time! But I think you will be very interested!
The largest organ on the human body is our skin, so it would stand to reason that we would do every thing in our power to protect, nourish and keep it healthy. So in honor of my skin...... these are some of the things that I do along with my raw diet.

I start my day off with these Raw vitamins-Vitamin Code for Women.

  It almost goes without saying that I choose Raw One because it is made from premium Raw ingredients....*Uncooked, untreated,unadulterated
                     * Binder Free-No fructose,Maltodextrin (food additives),
                        Magnesiumstearate (lubricant, delays the absorbtion of nutrients)
                     * No Corn Starch (filler)

The benifits are directed specifically for women:
                          *  Breast Health
                          *Reproductive System
                          *Bone Stength
                          *RAW Energy
                          *Healthy Heart
                       ***Healthy Skin***

If you are looking for a new multivitamin, or you are not happy with your current one, give this one a try-
You can find Raw One at Whole foods or you can go online -It is made by Garden of Life.

........Another supplement that I take is MSM powder which is short for a big word (Methlsufonylmethane)

Whoa.... I can't even pronounce that-so for all intents and purposes-MSM!

What is MSM you ask? It is a relatively new dietary supplement form of sulfur that is found in living tissues. It has unique action on body tissues decreasing the pressure inside the cells and removing fliuids and toxins.   MSM is an organic form of sulfur taken from the ocean.

Many associate MSM with helping arthritis or joint problems, but MSM has been called nature's"beauty mineral" because it is needed to keep the hair glossy and smooth and keeps the complexion clear and youthful...............

From what I have read, if there is insufficient sulfer in the body when new cells are being manufactutred, the new cells will be ridgid.  The end result of this means the skin experiences cracking, wrinkling, and scar tissue.  If there is sufficient sulfer for new cells, the skin will be softer, smoother and more flexible. MSM has been scientifically proven to increase the growth of hair and nails!

Your body produces sulfer, but as you age you produce less and less, so Im just helping my body out with some extra sulfer that it needs.....

From my own personal experience of  taking MSM powder, my skin is smoother and softer, my hair and nails are growing faster than when I didn't take it, and my hair has this amazing shine that it didn't have before....

I use a brand called Blue Bonnet-I've used other brands, but I like this one best. I put a teaspoon of MSM in cranberry juice or water-that's about 5200mg

You have to give it 2-3 weeks to begin to see results, but I couldn't be happier!
You can find this brand at Whole Foods and is fairly inexpensive.

What are you waiting for?  Smoother skin, longer hair and nails-with no side effects! Wow

So now that you know a few of my supplements-in part 3 I will be sharing what I put on the outside of my skin to keep it healthy,smooth and vibrant.

Until next time- goole it, read about it, talk to a friend, then go out and do it!


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  1. Did I hear road trip to Indy this week? My turn to drive. My list is growing and I am running low on organic greens. Great yoga workouts lately. Love having you visit my studio. peace moon goddess.