Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vibrant Juicing!

I always love this time of year when the weather starts getting hot. I want to juice all the time!
The farmers markets are open and it all becomes an experience from picking out the produce and
washing it, to selecting what seems good to juice that particular day!!

I went to the farmers market this weekend and bought kale, beets, and cucumbers. Out in my garden I am growing rainbow chard!

Fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits contain live enzymes. Enzymes are substances that make LIFE possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. No mineral, vitamin, or hormone can work without enzymes. Our bodies, all our organs, tissues, and cells are run by metabolic enzymes-Dr Howell, Enzyme Nutrition.

My favorite combination for a green juice is:
Beets-red or yellow

Juicing is easy on your digestive system, which in turn gives you more energy. It helps with eliminating waste and tissue repair, and green vegetables are full of chlorophyll, a purifying agent.

A report from the Mayo clinic states that juicing green vegetables and fruits reduces your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help remove toxins from your body, aid in digestion and help you lose weight.

I own a Breville juicer-model-800JEXL-It is a die cast stainless steel with titanium cutting disk. I have had it for 10 years and I have never replaced a part.

Juicing is a fantastic way to stay healthy and feel wonderful. You know what they say,
If you feel good, you look better and you act better!!!

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