Sunday, June 23, 2013

Local Markets

Last week I wrote about the joys of juicing! So I decided this week to give you a little tour of where I go to get my produce to juice. Every Saturday my husband and I go to our local Farmer's Market to buy our produce. It is such a great Experience!! Not only do they have the organic produce, but they sell flowers, wine, candles, herbs and spices. There is always a band in the middle of the market playing incredible music and families sit on the grass and listen while they eat and drink. Here is a little peek.

We stopped and watched as this man gave these sweet little children their first Cello lesson!!!

                               My husband waiting in line to buy his morel mushrooms!!!

                                                               Waiting to perform!

A great way to spend your Saturdays and support your local farmers. If you haven't tried your farmers market, give it a shot! You will be so glad you did!!

Until next time,

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