Saturday, June 8, 2013

Natural SPF

With Summer right around the corner, one abbreviation that you will hear over and over is SPF. What is SPF? The sun protection factor....The higher the SPF the more protection a sunscreen offers against UV-B (the ultraviolet radiation that causes sunburn). The SPF refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. For example-SPF 15 would allow you to stay in the sun 15 times longer than you could without protection. So if you burn after only 20 minutes in the sun, the idea is that with 15 SPF you could stay  300 minutes-5 hours.

Their is a lot of controversy around the chemicals in sunscreen and the connection to skin cancer. Even though people are putting sunscreen on to protect against that, there is scientific evidence that the sunscreen could be contributing.

I grew up in an era that didn't know anything about sunscreen. All I ever used was Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning oil. I never used sunscreen until I was in my late 20's and early30's and that was only on my face. When I was around 40 I found out that I had basal cell carcinoma, aka skin cancer, and had to have it removed and checked yearly. The only area of my body that I applied sunscreen ended up with skin cancer. I am not saying that it was caused from the sunscreen I used, but I do think that there is a connection. After that, I actually stopped using sunscreen on my face and just wore hats or covered up my face when I was out in the sun.

Since then I have learned that there are natural oils that you can apply to protect your skin from the UV-B rays without the infusion of harmful chemicals. Here are just a few.

Carrot Seed-38-40 SPF
Almond-4 SPF
Avocado-4 SPF
Jojoba-4 SPF
Raspberry-35-40 SPF

Even if you aren't a sun worshipper you still have to go outside. And the part of our body that gets the most exposure is our face. That is why I keep Real Raw Beauty products on my skin at all times.
The Radiant Skin facewash/moisturizer is made with 3 of the oils that I just named. Carrot Seed,
Almond and Jojoba. I can honestly say they do work. Not only do they prevent the UV-B rays, but they hydrate and moisturize all at the same time.
I even sat out at pool with my grandchildren the other day and it was the first time that I had really been in the sun this year and all I put on was the Radiant Body oil which has Almond, Jojoba and Avocado. We were in the sun for 5 hours and I never burned.  The small amount of SPF's that are in those 3 oils totally protected me.

There are a few other oils that are high in natural SPF's, like coconut, macadamia and hemp. Do the research yourself on over the counter SPF's. I don't even want to wonder! I just want to use the purest most natural product that is available for my skin. Today I went to the beach for 2 hours and applied the Radiant Skin all over my body and face, end result-no burning because of the natural SF's.

So the next time you think SPF, think about applying something that is actually good for you, not harmful.

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