Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moringa Oil

So my new favorite antioxidant is Moringa Oil!!!

Moringa oil has been around for centuries...The Egyptians placed vases of Moringa oil in their tombs, for use in the afterlife. It is so potent that it is actually included in some of the best skin moisturizers, anti-aging creams and other health products worldwide.
It penetrates deeply into the skin, delivering vital nutrients and also helping the skin and hair retain moisture. The benefits include skin care and rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, stronger and healthier hair and blemish removal.
Moringa oil is a great natural supplement to increase the health and strenth of the hair and scalp. You can massage it into your hair and leave in for 10-15 minutes to deliver rejuvenating vitamins and minerals to the folicles of the hair and tissue of the scalp. If you massage your scalp wtih it frequently it will help reduce split ends and dandruff.
Moringa oil is one of the most nutrient dense oils in the world. Used extensivly for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. Moringa oil provides a healthy living enviroment for skin cells to live in.
You can also treat acne with Moringa oil. Indians have used it for centuries, and it is now making its way to the West.
If thats no enough, here are a few more great things that it does:

Rich in antioxidants
Balances levels of cholesterol
Improves functioning of kidney and liver
Promotes healthy digestion
Balances hormone and gland system
Promotes anti-inflammitory features, helps in the healing of arthritis
A detoxifier

The oil is expressed from the moringa kernel like the one above.
I buy the oil in liquid form and in capsules-I take it internally and apply to my skin.
It is also one of the ingredients in my new face wash that I have developed, which I will be telling everyone about real soon.
Check it out for yourself, and see what you think, but it is by far the best thing I have discovered for myself in long time!!!

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  1. Where can you purchase Moringa oi?

  2. Moringa oil, especially cold pressed is very potent for both internal and external use...

    1. You are so right Solomon. I only buy organic cold pressed moringa oil. Thanks for stopping by and reading! Jan