Thursday, May 27, 2010

Passion-Find out Yours through Numerology

My daughter sent this to me this morning (it came to her from Ana Brett and Ravi Singh). I thought that it would be a great follow up to my post on Passion. Take a few minutes and follow the instructions and see what your passion is accourding to numerology. All you need is your birthday. Every person that I have checked out has been right on the money...See what you think!

Your Secret Passion

There exists a secret desire which enlivens us and which we look for people to woo us with. If you're honest, and give this gift to yourself, you'll have passion in your life everyday. Hegel said that, "Nothing great in this world has been accomplished without passion." Martha Graham said, "What makes a dancer great is not their technique but their passion." Your secret passion is what gets you out of bed in the morning.

We're not advocating quitting everything to "follow your bliss." Passion of course should be tempered with sobriety. The union of the two equals Wisdom. Invest what you do with your passion in the context of your life right now.

So, how do you find your passion? Sometimes the right clue can make everything fall into place. Sometimes we desire intensely but we're not sure what exactly we desire!

Your Heart Number

There is a simple calculation in the system called Tantric Numerology (part of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga) which you can use to ascertain your secret passion. It's called the Heart Number.Your Heart Number is calculated using the number (reduced to one digit except for 10 and 11) of the month you were born added to the last two numbers of the year you were born. Confused? Okay, if you were born on June 8th 1987, then you would add 6 (June being the 6th month) + 8 + 7 (the last two numbers of 1987). 6 + 8 + 7 = 21. Then you would add 2 + 1. which makes your Heart Number a 3. If you were born on November 26th, 1992 the you would add 11 + 9 + 2, which equals 22. It just so happens that 22 is considered a Master Number, so in this case the answer would be 4 (2 + 2) and 22 simultaneously.

So, what does each number mean?

1. Heart Number 1: (you would've had to have been born in January of 1900 or 2000). Your secret passion is innovation, non-conformity, and creativity. You're always on the lookout for creative, original, soulful people. What opens your heart is simultaneously honoring tradition and being ahead of your time.

2. Heart Number 2: Your secret passion is partnership, relationship, learning at the feet of a Grand Master, and pure devotion. You're always on the lookout for geniuses, professors, teachers, experts. Therapy for you is connecting with people one on one, learning new things, and being a perfect student. What opens your heart is being validated by an expert in something you aspire to.

3. Heart Number 3: Your secret passion is expression, nurturing, the deep psyche, and giving hope to all. You're always on the lookout for exuberant, giving, positive people, and well as deep thinkers and writers. Therapy for you is raising everyone's morale. Pomp and circumstance doesn't impress you. What opens your heart is getting down in the trenches, as it were, and making a difference.

4. Heart Number 4: Your secret passion is logic, clarity, and "just the facts." You're always on the lookout for down to earth, clear-minded, rational people, and people with big hearts. In spite of yourself, very matter of factly, you live with an open heart in a way that transcends your own logic. Therapy for you is figuring out how things work. In spite of yourself what opens your heart is selfless service.

5. Heart Number 5: your secret passion is athleticism and pushing the envelope." You're always on the lookout for people who take it to the limit. Therapy for you is hiking up a steep mountain. What opens your heart is teaching.

6. Heart Number 6: Your secret passion is focus and speed. You're always on the lookout for fierce self-directed people. Therapy for you is making a list of the the things you want to accomplish and getting it done. What opens your heart are people who, for all intents and purposes, are secretly angels.

7. Heart Number 7: Your secret passion is being the center of attention. You're always on the lookout for fabulous, funny, entertaining people. Therapy for you is being the life of the party. 7's can also be loners, but need to feel they're sought after. What opens your heart are people who shine.

8. Heart Number 8: your secret passion is inspired leadership, the art of the deal, working tirelessly to achieve your goals. You're always on the lookout for powerful, driven, fearless people. Therapy for you is being financially successful.What opens your heart are people who pay you well for your work.

9. Heart Number 9: Your secret passion is art music, and subtle mastery. You're always elegant , refined, genius type people. Therapy for you is giving voice or expression to something inexpressible. What opens your heart is great art and anything sublime.

10. Heart Number 10: your secret passion is discipline and going up against impossible odds. You're always on the lookout for other warriors in whatever guise. Therapy for you is getting your butt kicked in an advanced fitness or martial arts class or organizing your community to stop greedy developers. What opens your heart is a fight worth fighting.

11. Heart Number 11: Your secret passion God. You're always on the lookout for spiritually driven people who can direct you to the path of the Saints. Therapy for you is prayer, meditation, and spiritual inspiration. What opens your heart is the Ultimate Truth.

My passion number was 3, so true!!

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  1. Hi Jan. I just started reading your blog, and I just LOVE this post. All of your posts are really interesting, but this one is just great! I love numerology and finding your true passions, etc. I am a 9, and yes it was right on! Pretty amazing. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you Bethany for stopping by-I have quite a few more postings on numerology, so just keep checking in..Have a great holiday weekend. Jan

  3. My number is 6, but I don't know if it's a good match for me?? Thoughts?

  4. So if you are born in december you treat it just like november and october?