Sunday, July 27, 2014

Washing your face with oils....

Washing your face with oils dates back to the days of Cleopatra. An exceptionally beautiful woman in her day. She washed her face and entire body in oils. But somewhere between the days of Cleopatra and the 21st century we got away from that amazing cleansing method for our skin.

The booming skin care industry wants us to believe their claims of the need to rid the skin of oil completely and apply chemicals in order to avoid imperfections. It seems that we all have been influenced by the mega marketing claims, some so much that they find themselves stripping the oils from tender, delicate tissue of their facial skin with antibacterial this and that. I mentioned on Real Raw Beauty's  facebook page the other day that two of the main reasons to reconsider using OTC cleansers, 1) They strip the natural oils out of our skin leaving our face to try and produce excess amounts of oil to replace the moisture. This causes an imbalance in our natural PH which is necessary to maintain beautiful skin.
2) Most cleansers contain fragrance. Even most "unscented" products contain a fragrance. All of this leads to dry, irritated skin being replaced with oily inflamed skin.

People in the Health industry are beginning to see the importance of cleansing your skin with oils. Also publications, such as the Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan are producing articles about the subject.

The Huffington Post published an article "The Face Washing Method that will give your skin good oil." The article states that women in Europe have been using oils to clean their face forever.
 In 2013 Cosmopolitan served up an article "The Magic of Oils", Have you tried the sexiest product in history?" Here is a little exert from the article,
"As a cleanser, oils dissolve the denser sebum that collects in our pores, (causing blackheads). As a moisturizer, oils rapidly penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, protecting against the breakdown of proteins in the cell wall with fatty and linoleic acids mimicking what our bodies produce naturally. The oils act as humectants which help our skin retain moisture."

If you haven't tried this method of cleaning your skin you are missing out on a wonderful experience and glowing healthy skin. I will admit that the idea of cleansing an oily face with oil does sound a little strange. But here are a few reasons to give it a try:
*Oil dissolves oil
*They will cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria NATURALLY
*With consistent use clears up skin issues such as oily skin, dry skin, whiteheads, blackheads, mild to moderate acne.
*Leaves your skin clean, balanced and moisturized.
*No harmful toxins or chemicals

Real Raw Beauty only uses the purest Organic oils in their products. The combination of the oils will dissolve the dirt and oil on your skin, help clear up your skin and leave it clean, moist and glowing.

If you are still not completely sure, you can order our sample bottles to try them out. Read the product descriptions and our Product Review page and find out what real customers are saying about using oils to cleanse their skin.
If you have any questions, you can email me from the contact section of the drop down menu at
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