Monday, July 14, 2014

Some Real Raw Beauty Truth

One of the main questions that I get asked about RRB products is, "where did the idea to create this product line come from?" So for everyone that has been wondering the same thing but hasn't personally asked me, here is the answer.

I have been interested in beauty and face products my WHOLE life. When I was 10 or 11 years old I would save money from babysitting and go to a store like Walgreens and buy OTC face masks in a tube, cleansers, toners and moisturizers. No one had ever talked to me about beauty and skin products, but I was just fascinated with them. As I got older and had more money I would try out any new skin care product that came on the market. I read fashion magazines, not for the fashion but to read about the newest skin care rage. I always saw myself working in the beauty and skin care industry.
I honestly believe that I have tried over 50-60 different skin care lines in my life. But the truth of the matter is they only made me happy for a while and then I was on to the next better product.

When I became an adult and a mother I was very concerned about what my children ate and what I put on their skin at a time when there was no internet or cable to inform us of these things. This was almost 40 years ago when no one was really talking about health and nutrition or products that were good or bad for you.
 I bought wheat berries and ground flour and made my own bread. I baked healthy granola from scratch,  I bought milk from a local farmer. When my children were babies I made their baby food, it didn't come in jars from the grocery,  it came from my kitchen. I fed them fresh fruits and vegetables instead of food in a box. I didn't give them cokes and candy. I would go to farms and buy fresh vegetables and fruits and can and freeze them for the winter. No one told me about these things or to do them, I didn't even know other people that were doing these things.  It truly was something that came from within, call it inner knowing, intuition, universal consciousness.....but I had it coursing through me. I just "knew" things.

So I finally got tired of trying out OTC skin care lines. My diet was an organic plant based diet. I had the same conviction about what I put on my body as what went in my body.  I searched for months to find a natural organic line that was chemical and toxin free. I didn't want to have to look up the ingredients in a dictionary anymore. I wanted the search to be over. The result, I found one, but I was so disappointed at what I experienced, I decided to create my own. I studied oils for months and months. I read everything I could find and ordered and tried 100's on my skin. After a year I finally came up with what I considered the perfect combination of oils for my face. I used them for months before I told my friends and family about them.

They worked!!

Not only did they work, but they were making my skin look better than when I was in my 30's and 40's. I "knew" I was onto something. My plan was just to share with my friends and daughters, but they all convinced me that I had to make this available to the public. They were all experiencing the same results that I was! They all said, " there are no products out on the market like these." So this is how Real Raw Beauty came about.
 And now so many women and men are enjoying the remarkable effect of these products on their skin and body.

 In the product line you will only see ingredients that are 100% organic. The oils are unfiltered and unrefined which means that not only were they grown organic, but during the extraction process of the oil from the nut or fruit there has been no use of chemicals. Most companies use petroleum to extract the oil from organic nuts and fruits, because it makes the oils cheaper to produce. So if you are buying a product that claims to have organic oils and it doesn't say unrefined and unfiltered, it has probably been extracted with chemicals.
Our oils are all high end chemical free organic oils.

Check out our website at and read about our products.  Also read the reviews. These are real customers and their experiences.

Thank you to all my RRB customers that love their experience and keep spreading the news!

Until next time,

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