Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paleo treats to the rescue!!

If you haven't run across this website yet, you are in for a treat!! Literally in for a treat!. This company makes Paleo deserts that are dairy, sugar and gluten free!!!

Amy Boehnert is the founder and creator of Paleo Love Co. Her goal is to help people that are on this path stay on this path. As we all know, sweets are a hard thing to pass up. But her deserts make it easy to stay on track and eat healthy. She shops and finds the purest and best ingredients for her product. Here are a few pictures of her amazing Paleo deserts.

You can get Chocolate Espresso, chocolate cherry and chocolate hazelnut!
Amy created her company when her husband was deployed, and she is committed to providing the best
 product imaginable to her customers!
I have personally ordered and tasted her incredibly delicious brownies, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fabulous desert that is actually good for you. They also make incredible healthy treats to put in your children's lunches.
Check out her website at and order, you won't be disappointed!!
You can find her on her facebook page Paleo Love Co.
Amy will be happy to hear from you!
Oh, and by the way, she is my beautiful daughter!! 
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