Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Radiant Body Oils

Winter is upon us, and for so many of us that means our skin goes down the road of feeling and looking dry, itchy and flaky. Kinda like a desert with tumbleweed blowing through it. If you are like me you are looking for the perfect oils, lotion or whatever we can get our hands on to help stop and eliminate our dry skin. So after years of trying OTC moisturizing lotions,expensive oils, shea butter I finally have, and am using a body oil that works.

The Real Raw Beauty Body Oil is a blend of 4 oils that heal ,rehydrate, nourish and penetrate the skin almost instantly to restore the needed moisture balance. Here are a few of the oils and why they work.

Avocado oil is rich in nutrients and also serves as an excellent emollient for the skin. It contains sterolins that have reduced blemishes and also helped relieve sun damaged skin. It also helps to increase collagen which is so important in keeping your skin smooth firm and looking young. It also helps to form a natural barrier against wrinkles and many other signs of aging. Eczema and psoriasis can also benefit from this oil. Avocado oil is an excellent oil by itself, but when combined with other moisturizing healing oils, it makes it all the stronger and better to fight dry dehydrated skin.

Almond oil is a very rich source of vitamin E and B. It contains healthy fats, minerals, proteins which help to moisturize dry skin. It helps to to reduce inflammation, redness and dryness. It has emollient properties like avocado oil which helps to make your skin look smoother and softer. Some people have used almond oil after surgery to help reduce scarring. It also helps to keep your skin at it's normal ph level. Almond oil also has a natural SPF and will help protect your skin against harmful UV rays.

Radiant Skin is 100% Organic and contains no chemicals. With this blend of oils you can heal, moisturize, rehydrate and protect against UV rays. I used my oils everyday when I was in Mexico this summer for my friend's wedding. We were in the Mexican sun for 7 days and I never peeled, even when others were peeling and applying all types of over the counter lotions.

With the onset of winter I apply Radiant Body every time I get out of the shower or tub. Honestly, my skin has never looked and felt so hydrated and smooth. So if you haven't found the perfect hydrating, moisturizer for your skin this winter, look no further. Check out the website,

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