Sunday, December 30, 2012

Purchases for the New Year!

Yesterday I spent most of the day online reading and ordering products and supplements that I needed to start my New Year off right. I was actually shocked that I was so low on some of my really important supplements. But with the click of the keys and Amazon I took care of that matter!

Over the next few weeks I will spend some time and tell you everything that I ordered, but today I want to share about a new product that I am so excited about getting in the mail this week. A Earthing Mat. I have heard of them for a long time and I have seen videos and read articles but I never ordered one until yesterday. Actually I ordered 2, one for myself and my husband.

I spent a lot of time flying and sitting in airports during the Christmas holidays. There was one day that I set for 10 hrs because of plane cancellations. Needless to say I wish I had taken along an Earthing Mat.

An Earthing Mat works on the same principles as walking barefoot and being connected to the earth. When we are connected to the earth we absorb free electrons-nature's most abundant source of anti-inflamatories which instantaneously begin to neutralize the positively-charged free radicals that create inflammation, pain and dis-ease. In the summer or in warm climates it is easy to walk around barefoot outside and connect with the ground, but in the winter it is a lot more difficult. I am begining to see a connection between winter time and so many people getting sick and having problems with inflammation and pain.
Chronic inflammation is becoming the norm in today's fast paced, stressful world. It is known to be directly connected to the many symptoms and conditions that aggravate the body including heart
disease and early aging. Earthing or being directly connected to the earth is essential.

Eleven years ago Earthing was rediscovered and the more hours a day that you stay connected to the
earth the less inflammation and pain the body manifests and the quicker the symptoms of imbalance are removed. Through research and testing it has been determined that the best Earthing hours are when your are asleep and your body is in a healing cycle, and when you are sitting at a computer, (it protects you from EMF), or sitting and relaxing.

I am so stoked about getting this mat. My daughter Amy and her husband use them daily and don't know how they got along with out them. They use them during the day and also put the mat under their legs at night for more sound sleep.

Just think how many hours a day that we sit at a computer. I am going to put my feet on my Earthing mat every time I get on, just to protect myself from the Electro Magnetic Fields.

Here is a short video by David Wolfe on the benefits of the Earthing Mat-Enjoy!!

I bought my Earthing Mat on Amazon, Earthing Universal Mat and Cover for $59.00.

Check it out-there are so many articles written about the benefits of them.

Until next time,

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