Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diatomaceous Earth

Every now and then I will repost a past blog post for new readers and a reminder to those who follow every week. Actually reposting this reminded me to order some more. I really do love this stuff for my hair, skin and nails. It's also great for detoxing. 

Up until 2 months ago I had never even heard of Diatomaceous Earth. To be perfectly honest I couldn't even pronounce it correctly! But I started reading up on it and decided to give it a try.
Here is what I found out. Diatomaceous Earth comes form naturally formed sedimentary minerals that are from the remains of what was once oceanic unicellular and algae known as diatoms.
Diatoms, the oceans "spiny honeycombs" are over 30 million years old and were formed when these microscopic algae-like plants died and remained compounded in the earth's surface as skeletal remains. These remains emit silica,

Diatomaceous Earth has amazing benefits and it is so easy to take. I put a tbsp in my smoothie every morning. Some people just mix it in water and drink it down. It is a white powder and dissolves in water or juice.
DE is:
33% silicon
19% calcium
5% sodium
3% magnesium
2 % iron
the rest are trace minerals
Here are some of the many benefits:

1. It is a digestive tract cleaner. As it moves through your digestive tract it attracts and absorbs bacteria, pesticides, viruses, endotoxins, E-coli, and heavy metals. These toxins are trapped and passed out of the body. Also it will kill any parasites that are in stomach or digestive tracts.
This is one of the main reasons that when people start taking DE that they just start feeling better, all of these toxins are being removed!

2. It helps to reduce high cholesterol. A small amount of DE gets absorbed into the blood stream as silica. One of the benefits of silica is that it helps to destroy bad fats.
Which in turn helps reduce high blood pressure.

3. Healthier, younger looking skin. Because you are taking in silica, this helps slow down the degenerative process of connective tissue. As we age we begin to produce less silica. But through taking DE you can begin to restore silica to your body which helps with the collagen production in your skin. Collagen is largely made up of silica, which is  the glue that holds us together.

4. Helps your hair grow. I have definitely noticed, (and so has my hairdresser) that my hair has taken on quite a growing spree since I have been taking DE.

5. It claims to help fade age spots.

6. Silica stimulates metabolism for higher energy levels.

7. The silica works with other antioxidants to prevent premature aging.

8. It helps prevent urinary tract infections
The list of benefits is way too long for me to write about, but this will get you started.

Also I do want to say that DE can be given to your pets to help with joint issues, and also help kill any parasites or worms that your pets may have.
It can also be lightly rubbed into their coats to help fight against fleas and ticks!!

This stuff is AMAZING!!!

But do not confuse it with Diatomaceous for swimming pools. They are processed in different ways and Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is for human and pet consumption and Diatomaceous is for swimming pool filtration systems. When you order this, you will want to make sure you order Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. This is what I order from Amazon.
So give it a try.  It is very inexpensive and really has no taste but has incredible benefits!!
Read about it and get yourself some!!

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  1. Just wanted to check back in with you and see if you'd be willing to post a link to

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  3. Stephanie, I get mine from Amazon.
    Nature's Wisdom Food Grade DE (D. E.) 1 lb
    For some reason I couldn't the link to print out right. If you have any trouble finding this at Amazon just let me know. Just type in Diatomaceous Earth food grade and you should see it. It comes in several different pound sizes. Thanks, Jan

  4. There is an ever growing popularity in the use of DE in every part of life from flea treatment to wonder mineral cure and people gulping down spoonfuls. Not that anything is wrong with any of that, it really is a special thing. I learned of DE when looking into water filers for pools and from there it just took off. It can do some great things with cleaning water of bacteria's and bugs so all those with pools this could be a great filter as well as all the other uses for it. Thanks for your post it was a good read.

  5. I also read about diatomaceous earth food grade and decided to give it a try. I bought mine at as it was cheapest prices I could find. After about a week I had better bowel movements, so I kept taking it and I have noticed my energy level is higher and many things you wrote about. I needed to share this...I have a fairly large age spot on the back of my hand and it was really noticable. I looked down one day and I could hardly see it! It has faded dramatically! I will keep taking it for sure, I mean it is all natural so it can't do harm. I take two tablespoons in the morning with one cup water and one tablespoon right after dinner the same way. Oh...I have lost 14 lbs since I started taking DE!! Thank you!