Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome Back!

As most of you know I took a small vacation from writing on my blog....but due to increased pressure from many of my friends and family, I have decided to pick up my pen so to speak and begin to roll out some new information that I have come across and experienced over the last year. The content for most of my previous blogs was primarily centered around food. But moving forward there will be a new menu of subjects to choose from. Just to name a few... diet, exercise, beauty treaments and secrets, the enviroment, recipes, relationships, along with supplement guides and tons of other great topics. Keep checking back each week and follow the life of Jan in Real Raw Women!!
until next time!!!


  1. I am so grateful for the return of real raw women!
    Looking forward to keeping up on the healing path. Welcome back!!!

  2. Welcome back, looking forward to your posts!

  3. you teach classes in Memphis...or make house calls??? ;o)

    Lee Anne...(Moore)