Monday, October 24, 2011

Oregano Oil...A natural cold fighter!

About a month ago I had a twitter friend ask me if I knew anything about taking oil of oregano. Personally I had never taken it, but my interest was stirred up. After I read about it and realized the amazing benefits, I decided it was worthy of a post. One of the main benefits is preventing colds, or fighting an oncoming cold and existing cold..  I have not had a cold in over 10 yrs-nor have I been to the doctor for any type of sickness, because I  believe that prevention is the way to live!! So maybe that's why I haven't realized the greatness of oregano oil!
Another great piece of information that I learned is that you can give this to your children by applying a drop or two to the sole of their foot, apply socks and you are way ahead of the game for protecting your children from the cold germs that they so easily pick up in their day to day life. So watch the video and I will put up a link to some sites for you to check out so that you can purchase it and keep your family healthy this winter!

So decide for yourself...check out or you can go to

Oh and one more thing....A really big shout out to my husband for his first hole in one ever this last Friday!!,,,,and to make it even sweeter, it was on a par 4!!!

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  1. Glad you tried oregano oil. I've been using it ever since I asked you about it. Lots of new positive research coming out about it.