Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A week of Love and Laughter........

This past week 2 of my daughters came in town to visit at the same time. My husband was out of town all week on business, so it was girls night out all week long.

Women getting together is so vital and important. After 5 days of non stop talking, we cured every world sickness, solved every universal problem , and the majority of that was done with awesome bottles of wine...(which by the way, I made sure my recyling got removed from the house before my husband got home)ha ha

So I wanted to share in pictures a little of our week....enjoy the real raw women!!

When I picked Hannah up from the airport I took her to a great place called Edgefield complete with a bronze statue of Jerry Garcia...Which made Hannah very happy, since she is a Grateful Dead fan!!

Next stop Multahnomah Falls....

And somewhere in between all the sights we made it to raw food restaurants....

We also went to Mt Hood and the Columbia River Gorge

After Melissa left we took in some waterfront in Downtown Portland!

We really had just an amazing week....but at the end it was just "sisters having fun together"

Until next time,


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