Monday, September 13, 2010

Salt...what is in your shaker?

When I was growing up, I never paid any attention to the type of salt that my mom
was putting in our salt shakers...Didn't seem important, really didn't care. All I remember is that the container  was dark blue and there was a girl on the front with an umbrella.  Little did I know, that salt was no good for any of us!

So now I do care about what goes into my body all the way down to the salt shaker...

Here is what I want yout to know:

Salt intake is vital for our survival. As vital as taking in Oxygen.

You have to have salt intake to regulate the water levels inside and outside of your cells. Absolutely necessary for cell detoxification and filtration. Salt removes acidity from your cells. If you don't have that balance of salt and water, your body will not fuction at optimum health.

Salt has electrolytes, (I'll spare you the science lesson about what they are..), but the body has to have them in order to function properly. We communicate through talking, the systems in your body communicate using electrolytes.

Absolute must for hormone balance. And we are all in need of this one!

The problem really isn't about us getting enough salt as much as getting the right kind of salt.
The kind of salt that makes our bodies work properly....

Like I said, I grew up eating refined Morton salt. I did not know that all the minerals that are vital for my health had been stripped from this and all refined salt. Also eating refined salt over a long period of time can lead to problems with your kidneys and your adrenal glands.

So what are we supposed to use instead?

Unrefined Sea Salt,
and even with this you have to read the small print.

To save you time, I have found some great unrefined sea salts:

Redmond Minerals/You can buy this at Whole Foods or get it on line at Vita Cost
Hawaiian Speciality Salt
Saltworks, Inc.
I personally use Redmond...

So the next time you pick up your salt shaker make sure you have replaced the unrefined table salt with true sea salt. Care about your families health right down to the salt shaker!!

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  1. Hey! Interesting post. Does it taste similar to table salt or is it like sea salt or kosher salt? Just curious!


  2. It has more flavor than regular salt. I use less of it than regular salt, because the sea salt tastes stronger to me!