Monday, August 16, 2010

Beautiful Skin Secret....

I don't believe that I have ever met a person that didn't want beautiful, healthy glowing skin...Have you?

I know for myself I have tried every cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and exfoliator on the market. I got into the whole skin regime when I was about 13...So that is a lot of years of products!

Over the past few years though, I have done a lot of research and trial and error testing of things that I would have never considered using back in my younger days. Even though now I really wish I had!

So what have I discovered??? Omega 3 oils... From what I understand (and just bear with me, not trying to make you feel like you are sitting in your high school science or biology class) the human body does not have the capability to produce and store Omega 3's. So you must get it from an outside source.

Omega 3 is considered an absolutely necessary fat for keeping the skin healthy, beautiful, and radiant.

People who suffer from Omega 3 deficiencies have skin problems, such as dryness, itching, and skin thinning, along with nails cracking, and hair falling out.

Other problems that are a result of low Omega 3's in your body are depression, diminished immune system, hypertension, and irregular heart beat.

The best source of Omega 3's is in flaxseed oil, flaxseed meal, hempseed oil, hempseeds, avocado's and some dark leafy vegetables.

I take flaxseed oil everyday, along with flaxseed meal, hempseed oil and hemp seeds. I put all of these in my smoothie that I make in the morning. My skin has become so supple and radiant since I have started doing this. I only buy oils that are cold pressed, organic and unrefined. You do not want the oils to have been heated because heat destroys the liolenic acid, which is what gives your skin that radiant glow.

If you only want to start out with one oil, I would recommend flaxseed oil. If you are not mixing it in a smoothie, you will probably want to chase that tablespoon of oil with some juice.

So if you are not taking in some source of Omega 3, you can consider yourself deficient even if you haven't seen the signs yet.

So what are you waiting for?? Begin adding some flaxseed oil daily to what ever skincare routine you follow, and your skin and body will thank you.

Until next time,