Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A weekend of Raw Food and Yoga

This past weekend my daughter Hannah and I hosted our first Raw Food and Yoga workshop at her studio in Memphis TN. It was such a fun filled weekend full of off the chart yoga and out of this world raw food and superfood smoothies. We served raw zuchinni pasta with pesto, sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts on Friday night. Hannah taught yoga and I spoke on introduction to raw food eating. We ended the night with dark chocolate and a lot of happy people.
On Saturday after our yoga session I demonstrated how to make superfood smoothies with my recipe of superfoods!! I talked about each different superfood, then I made them for everyone. ( I learned a valuable lesson...don't pass out the smoothies until the very end-the energy level and the talking level went up 100%!)
It turned out to be an amazing weekend. Here are some pictures of how it all came together.

What a great way to spend a weekend, learning how to eat healthier, feel better and improve the quality of your life!!!

Until next time,


PS: A special thanks to Olivia Lomax for all her help and support!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I wish I liked more veggies... ho hum

  2. I wish there were a workshop like that in Louisville! Looks really fun!

  3. Jan, You look amazing. Can't wait to see you soon. Nancy

  4. Nancy,
    I can't wait to see you either...Hurry up and get here!! Jan

  5. Was this a Kundalini yoga workshop? Would you mind sharing some recipes from the workshop? It's not likely I'll make it to any of these workshops from SF unfortunately...

    I noticed you shared some eco-friendly cleaning products info- would you mind posting something about hair shampoos, facial cleansers etc. that you use on a daily basis? I use only mainstream brands (I'm talking about stuff available at Sephora) and I'd love to switch to something more natural. Happy Fourth and have a great weekend! :)

  6. Hi SanFranciscoCA,
    Yes the yoga we did at the workshop was actually some slow flow vinyasa, but mainly kundalini.
    The products that were on the table were the superfoods that we used for making the smoothies on Sat, but I use 7th generation products to clean with.
    As far as hair and face products, I use Burt's Bee carrot soap to wash my face.For a moisturizer I use shea butter at night and avocado oil during the day.
    As far as shampoo, I switch up with different organic brands. I m thinking about trying out a brand on Alicia Silverstones site, but haven't ordered it yet. I will have to look up the recipe we used for the workshop and send it to you. Have a great weekend! Jan

  7. Hey Jan! I tried to make some of the zucchini pasta pesto today and think I probably got it right. LOL it was pretty good. Could you post the recipe or is it in a certain book that I can buy?
    Hope you had a safe trip home.

  8. Hey Ashley,
    I am putting the recipe up on my blog that will go up tonight or in the morning. Jan