Sunday, June 6, 2010

Smoothie for a Soldier

My daughters husband John is in the Army and currently deployed. I think about him so much and pray for a safe mission and speedy return. You really have no idea what these military families go through unless you know them personally or you are related to them. John is an amazing husband and father, and I am so happy that he is part of our family.

Of course being the health nut that I am, I was concerned about him and his ability to get good nutritious food while he is deployed. He is very conscientious about his diet and exercise, so I asked her if he was happy with the food that he was getting. She told me that he has had a hard time getting his hands on good healthy food . So I suggested to her that she buy him a blender and the 10 superfoods and ship it to him. This way he could make superfood smoothies every day and be assured that he was getting everything he needs nutritionally on a daily basis, So that day she ordered everything and shipped it to him, and he couldn’t be happier!!

Here are a few of the  10 superfoods that she sent him, ( I have already blogged about 4 of them, just check the archives.)

Blue Green Algae-The benefits are endless-

Loaded with chlorophyll

Contains 40 major trace minerals which are necessary in the building of every tissue including hair,
skin, nails, and bones!

Excellent source of B vitamins which is needed for energy, stamina and endurance.

Great source of PROTEIN
A complete source of protein containing 60% protein-18 amino acids

PEA="The love chemical" Helps to create feelings of euphoria, excitement and attraction

I buy the Klamuth Blue Lake blue green algae.

Another superfood is Aloe Vera Gel

Here are the benefits...

Lubricates the joints and skin

Great for the digestive system.

Reduces inflammation

Normalizes blood sugar

Hydrates your cells

Reverse the aging process, feel incredible, look younger,  and have more energy than you can imagine! Drink yourself some GREEN!!

The best part of this whole post came from my conversation with Amy today when she told me that her husband was so thankful to have the superfood smoothies because he pretty much lives off of them.

How rewarding to know that you are contributing to someones happiness and health  and making the quality of their life better. Just makes me SMILE...:-))))))))

John, we miss you, and look forward to your safe return. O,  I just wanted to let you know, I've got you covered on the labor and delivery of baby Hannah! She will be in good hands with her Nonnie!

Until next time,

PS...If any of you readers are near the Memphis area, my daughter Hannah and I are doing a weekend workshop on Yoga and Introduction to raw foods and superfood smoothies on June the 26th at Give Yoga Memphis.


  1. I need you to tell me about a smoothie that will taste good ... i need to start drinking these, but every green drink that i try just tastes gross to me. is there a mixture you would recommend for me (the sweets lover)?

  2. Hey Megan,
    When I come I will bring over the goods and whip you up one that you will love!

  3. Great post, it will inspire me to stock up on healthy stuff at home :)

    I try to eat healthy but today was a bad day- I had a McDonalds egg&cheese muffin, mocha frappe (450cal!), then some bulk candy from Bristol farms AND I had some Kinder chocolate (Walgreens started selling Kinder and other European products, I am officially DOOMED!)

    I noticed you recommended dark chocolate (full of antioxidants, I know...), but I prefer milk chocolate. Would aloe help me stop these sugar spikes I'm currently on? :(

  4. Could you post a few good tasting recipes for the super green smoothies?

  5. Joely,
    I will be posting some green smoothie recipes in my up coming posts because I have had several people want them. Thanks for asking1

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  7. I love superfod smoothies but my 4 year old hates it. any ideas on what to do?

  8. Hi Damaris,

    Just to let you know, I will be posting very soon on transitioning children into a healthy diet along with smoothies. So just keep checking back. Thanks for coming by and asking this question. There are so many parents like you that want to know. Thanks, Jan

  9. Hi Jan,

    I'm a friend of Amy's down here in Fay. We did a ton of smoothies when my daughter was 1-2, and have tapered off of them, but she and I loved them! I think finding the right combo is key. Steamed carrots and strawberries go well, whereas blueberries mask the algae powder better than plain strawberries. Bananas also cover up veggie inclusions. We did them with plain yogurt, protein powder, and our usual "sprinkles", as my 3 y.o. calls them (fresh ground flax and wheat germ).

  10. Thank you Lindsay for your commemt-sounds like you have figured out what really works for your family. O I love the idea of calling them sprinkles!! By the way I will be coming soon for the birth of Hannah!! Jan