Friday, April 16, 2010

Bottled Water...What you don't know!

Last weekend I was fortunate to be able to attend the movie "Tapped". All I can say is I was shocked at what I saw. This documentary totally exposes the bottled water industry. I can honestly say that I was one of those Americans that bought into the idea of bottled water, hook, line, and sinker. In our home we always had bottled water-tap water was a no, no!

But after seeing the movie, I can no longer buy into the whole bottled water idea. I first have to ask myself-
why am I buying water? Just turn on my water faucet and fill up my own personal water bottle!! If you don't like your tap water, then you couldn't like the bottled water distributed by Nestle, Coke, or Pepsi ( Nestle purified water, Dasani, and Aquafina)-because tap water is what is in those bottles of water that you are paying $1.00 to $2.00 dollars for. The only difference is, you pay for the water that comes out of your faucet, and these big corporations don't pay for the water that they take from the municipal water source. So needless to say, back in 2008 when the movie was filmed, the bottled water business was raking in 11.5 BILLION DOLLARS in profit!!!

While these corporations are making billions, our local water sources are being depleted at an alarming rate.
Only 20% of the plastic bottles make it to a recycling bin, so the majority of the plastic bottles end up in the ocean. This is causing major problems with marine life and the eco system.

But one of the most alarming facts that I learned from the movie is that the plastic bottles are made from chemicals that cause cancer-that is not a theory-that is fact....So you have plastic bottles with cancer causing ingredients that seep into the water inside the bottle and then we drink it and not only that, we give it to our children, friends and family.

So please take the time and rent this movie and be responsible for your water source and your enviroment.
We can make a your own personal water bottle and fill up your own bottle. Stop contributing to the bottom line of these big corporations!!!

For more information on our drinking water please check out  The water filter lady's blog that has been added to my blog

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  2. Hi Jan, I too am a huge fan of tapped. It really opened my eyes and I am now completely focused on helping spread the word. Welcome to the movement! Together all of us can make a change to better our earth. Nice to be a part of your blog. Thanks again for sharing.
    P.S. (the video is spilling over to the right side of your page. You can fix this by changing the size in the html code to 400x300.) Hope this helps,

  3. Laura,
    Thanks so much for writing and visiting-I went to your site and I will be a commited reader, and will pass it on to everybody I know.

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks for your post. Although I agree with you on a lot of these points, I found myself asking these questions as I read:

    1. Out of ALL the drinks that are sold, water catches the most heat because people think you can easily drink tap. Though water can be obtained in this way, it is EASILY the most healthy option. Why aren't people up in arms about soda bottles or juice drinks? Water (the cleanest, healthy option) should be lauded as a great alternative. When you are 'on the go' it is much more desirable to choose water over sugary drinks.

    2. 11 billion dollars in profit for an entire industry doesn't actually bother me a bit. Businesses, by their very nature, are designed to make money. They aren't set up as a non-profit group, so why does that figure matter? Would there be a more acceptable profit?

    Thanks again for bringing up this subject. It is interesting and deserves further discussion.

  5. Hey Amy,

    First of all, the subject of water is of great importance because these huge corporations are taking the water from local municipalities and not paying a dime and turning around and selling them to all of us-and like I said all the while we are being charged for the water that we use from these municipalities-
    Bottled water is not tested,(so none of know what is in the water after they take it away from the local source.) Local water sources are constantly tested. (but we have been made to believe that local tap water is not good??)
    So if you are traveling, purchase your own personal water bottle and fill it up as you go. After you go through airport security go fill up your own personal bottle for the plane ride.
    Why should these companies be making a profit off of something that they don't pay for and it is depleting our water tables and destroying our marine life-It's like someone coming into your home and taking your stuff, then turning around and selling it and making a profit...Is there anything right about that? Is there any amount of profit that is acceptable?
    Just give me a little time and I will be blogging about pop and sugary drinks!!
    Thanks for writing-Jan

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