Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surviving the Cold

As we head more into winter I am finding that surrounding myself with things I love is very important. I am from the south and have not been around alot of snow, but last year we moved further north and today I am looking out my window at 6-7 inches of the beautiful white stuff on the ground and temperatures of 0 degrees. I think that the first day of newly fallen snow is awesome, but then as it lingers on the ground and you spend more time in the house than out, those overcast cold days begin to wear on you. So here are a few things that I do to stay sane.

1) When I open my eyes in the mornings and contemplate getting out of my extremely warm flannel sheets , I remind myself to be thankful for another day to live, breathe and love, and that I am truely blessed!

2) I snuggle with my sweet little dog Max and carry him down stairs-also very thankful for my pet and all the happiness that he brings me.

3) I light candles first thing in the morning and also late in the afternoon-lit candels create a beautiful aura as the sun is rising and setting.

I love the smell of hazelnut and pumpkin in the winter.......                                                                          

4) Music! We can't get enough of it!! After I light my candels in the morning I turn on some awesome music-
and keep music playing in my house all day-even when Im gone I leave it on for Max!

5) I buy myself a dozen roses each week to put on my kitchen table-I thought Walmart had a deal at $10.00 a  dozen-but I found them at Kroger last night for $8.80 a dozen-to me thats a deal! I usually buy the tropicana colored ones-I smile everytime I walk in my kitchen and see them sitting on my kitchen table.

6) It seems like that alot of people have been going through some rough times, so I try to send out encouraging notes and emails to help brighten peoples days, even when I am having a hard time-it always helps to give out from yourself to help someone else.

7) And of course I end my day with salt baths with essential oils........

So if you need a little winter time shift try out some flowers, candels, music and salt baths-but most of all a happy, positive thankful heart!

Until next time,



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