Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Green Juice

High Octane Green Juice
4-5 rainbow chard leaves
3-4 collard green leaves
4 apples
1 lemon with peel
1 inch of ginger
All the ingredients through the juicer, stir and enjoy.

The combination of apple, ginger, and lemon create a sweet and tart taste to counter the taste of the green leaf.  It is delicious!  It makes drinking greens a very enjoyable experience, if not an addictive one.  I believe in mixing raw food all the time, changing up what I blend or juice.  Eating seasonal produce that only comes around once a year is fun to do.  I just found the prettiest light purple kale.  Last week I found black kale.  For juicing these days, I am really enjoying the recipe at the top.  The rainbow chard is packed with chlorophyll, I can feel the light when I drink it.  The collard greens are the same.  Drinking juice that is so filled with live enzymes and organic hydration brings feelings of clarity, radiance, and positivity.  The chlorophyll or the light helps you to see what is real and what is important, cutting through the foam.

The food we put in our body has a direct affect on our mood and our behaviour.  This is a great reason to choose a raw food life style.  We can depend on raw food to digest which helps to keep our attitude positive. We can also count on raw food to simply make us feel good.  Cooked food cannot digest very easily beause the digestive enzymes are dead  Therefore, this waste sits in the body, very heavy.  This heaviness is linked to a heaviness in mood.  These moods can create heavy patterns. Patterns create beliefs. Then we become what we believe.  All the while by simply changing our food and the way we view food, we can harness our own power. The power to bring us back to into our light and lively, fun and happy self.  It is right there beneath sugar, dairy, meat, and processed renditions of food, insulting our intelligence for all its worth. Organic raw food, juice, and smoothies are our birthright.  We are all worth it. Go get a juicer and make one.  You wont believe how much you are going to like it!

Just another tool in the toolbag.  Helping to support times of higher vibrations and frequencies that are embodying all inhabitants on the planet right now.  This is what this blog site is all  about.  Sharing our tools, because we believe life should be lived conscious, abundant, alive, and free!


keep it raw -


  1. Hubby took me to Indy yesterday and we shopped Whole Foods. Brought home 6 bundles of amazing organic rainbow chard. My absolute favorite in green drinks. I also use diakon in my green drinks when I discovered all the benefits it has. Ana Brett says diakon is also good lightly steamed when fasting.
    Don't forget our easy to find standby organic spinach (can be found in most local grocery stores and Sam's club).
    So juice away! And your body will thank you!

  2. Love to hear people tell their love for the green juice-diakon is awesome!

  3. This recipe sounds great! Really cool picture too.