Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hair Ideas!

Last week my good friend Nancy told me that she had been putting coconut oil in her hair at night before she went to bed. She said that it made her hair look amazing. I love when friends share beauty secrets!! Well that night I coated my head with coconut oil. I scooped a couple of tablespoons out of the jar and rubbed it between my hands until it melted.and worked it into my hair and scalp, and then tied it up in a knot and went to bed. I will have to admit that your hair looks like you haven't washed it in weeks when you get up in the morning, but it smells sooooo good. I did have to wash it twice to get the oil out, but she was right!!! Your hair is  so shinny, full and beautiful!!  So now I am making this part of my weekly hair routine. I also read that coconut oil is great for hair growth, and I am always looking for something to help in that department! Not only am I excited about this new idea but I am also excited about my new shampoo. I have probably tried 50+ shampoos in my day. And I am always looking for a great shampoo and conditioner for my hair.
Because I use Moringa Oil from Moringa Source in my Real Raw Beauty products I decided to check out their shampoo and conditioners that they offered on their website that also contain moringa oil.

I actually really liked the shampoo and conditioner. This product combined with the coconut oil made my hair look incredible!!

According to their website:

Their rich blend of therapeutic-grade pure essential oils, all-natural ingredients and Moringa oil works quickly and deeply to penetrate the hair shaft, leaving your hair and scalp feeling healthy , nourished and squeaky clean. Good for all hair types.

Moringa hair products contain No:

Artificial colors
Petroleum Products
Synthetic fragrances
Sodium Laurel Sulfate

If you want to check them out go to

If you have a great shampoo and conditioner that you love-let us know by leaving a comment!!

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  1. I just did a coconut oil treatment on my hair last week and I absolutely loved it!! It's so great for you, too, as you probably know! I'm definitely going to keep this up because I find regular shampoo and conditioner really dries out my hair and scalp.