Sunday, February 3, 2013


Remember the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"?
One of the most memorable parts of this movie was Toula's father walking around with a bottle of Windex. No matter whether you had a cut or a burn or a mosquito bite, his cure was a squirt of Windex.
I am starting to feel like her father. The other night my husband placed a stainless steel spoon on the side of an extremely hot frying pan. He was making taco meat and walked away for about 5 minutes and then when he came back to stir it, without thinking reached down and picked up this spoon  and literally burned the imprint of the spoon handle into his hand. He started screaming, "what can I put on this, my whole hand is burned?"
I ran to the bathroom and grabbed some oils that I had made up for a client to put on a scar she had received from a surgical incision.  I poured the oils all over his hand and within 45 sec his hand stopped throbbing and the pain left. We kept a close eye on it that night and you could see the imprint of the handle of the spoon on the inside of his hand but he didn't feel any pain and he never had any blisters. He said "what is in this stuff, it's like a magic potion". That's when I told him I feel like my oils work for everything!! I said maybe I should get a Windex bottle and fill it up with these oils and just spray it on anything and everything!! The next morning all you could see was a little red area on the bottom part of his middle finger, but no pain and no blisters.

If you have ever been burned you know how painful it can be, not just at the time you burn yourself, but for hours afterward. And the normal course of action is that blisters pop up.  The combination of these oils not only stopped the pain but made his hand blister free.
In the month of February you will see two new products on the Real Raw Beauty website. Radiant A, which I posted about a few weeks ago in a blog Retin A the natural way, and Radiant Rescue.
Radiant Rescue is a mixture of organic oils that help heal scars, burns cuts and scrapes. It will be a great remedy to have around the house for adults as well as children. I haven't tried it on mosquito bites or poison ivy yet, but when spring comes I will let you know!!!
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