Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chia Seeds

I used to laugh at the commercials about Chia pets, never realizing that one day I would actually be eating Chia seeds!! They go into my smoothie every morning, and here is why.

They have the most vegeitarian omega-3 fatty acids of any foods, even more than flax, hemp seed or walnuts. They also have a high calcium and mineral content. But what makes them so great is their high antioxidant levels. Most seeds don't have anywhere near the antioxidant levels as Chia seeds, and that is what keeps them from spoiling. Flax seed is one of the worst seeds to go rancid very quickly. It spoils so fast from what I have read that it is usually already spoiled by the time you buy it in the store. But Chia can be stored for many years because of it's high antioxidant levels preserve it.

The word "Chia" originating from the Mayan language means strength. They earned their reputation from the long lasting energy they provide. Chia seeds have 5 times the calcium of milk. They are easily broken down and digested in the stomach. 1 oz of chia has appoximately 5 grams of Omega 3, which help fight inflamation and many diseases. 1 oz also has 9 grams of soluble fiber which helps to lower cholesterol.

Chia seeds absorb 12 times their weight in water if you leave them in water long enough. There are atheletes that like to do this and drink the "chia gel" before they exercise because it's a slow release of water into your system and helps to keep you hydrated over a longer period of time. They also help lower the glycemic index of anything you just ate.

Check it out and start out slowly and see how your body likes them. Eating foods like Chia seeds that are high in ALA-omega 3's helps with cellular energy and protects against imflamation and fights cancer.

You can get them from Whole Foods or off the internet on Amazon. I buy mine from because I totally trust the quality of their products!!

So if you want more antioxidants in your diet and more energy try out chia seeds.

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