Sunday, December 7, 2014

Borage and Beauty

This beautiful plant is a borage oil plant better known as a "starflower". It has been recognized and used for over 1500 years. Today the plant is best known for the oil that is extracted from it's seeds. It has the richest known source of an omega 6 essential fatty acid called GLA, gamma-linolenic acid, necessary for healthy hydrated skin.
Since a lot my readers like to know the science behind things, I will give you a small biochemistry lesson. But if you just want to read about the benefits, you can totally skip the next few paragraphs!!
In a nutshell, our body has the ability to produce GLA. But it must have linoleum acid, (LA), to do so as it's starting material. LA is an essential fatty acid that our body is unable to make and we must ingest LA as part of our everyday diet. Once you ingest the LA from an oil source, it is acted upon by an enzyme, D6D, which converts the LA to GLA.
Stay with me here, I am getting to the important stuff!!
Once LA is converted to GLA it goes a step further via some more biochemical steps and is converted to PG1, a key molecule for maintaining healthy skin. PG1 has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and its is very important in regulating water loss and protecting the skin form injury and damage.
It has been shown that people with skin disorders, such as eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis show a decrease in GLA. 
Basically, GLA is mandatory for healthy skin.
So what does Borage oil have to do with GLA? Used as a supplement Borage oil can supply the body directly with GLA and therefore allowing the production of normal levels of PG1which is essential for regulating inflammation and water loss.

Okay, finally the benefits!

Borage oil has been known to do the following:
1) Help clear up acne and rosacea by working to dilute the sebum, (a thick oily substance that is over secreted in some people with acne.)
2) Help reduce clogged pores.
3) Help treat Rosacea by reducing inflammation.
4) Help tighten the skin because of the tannins.
5) Help restore suppleness, elasticity and tone.
6) High in salicylic acid, for anti acne and anti septic qualities.
7) Helps rehydrate the skin.

I will have to say that I have been taking this supplement for 6 weeks and can tell a noticeable difference in the moisture level under the first layer of my skin. I believe it is a great supplement to add to your Real Raw Beauty routine, especially if you struggle with any type of skin disorders.

I did a lot of research to determine which one to get, but I will spare you the details of why one type is better than another. Here is the one I chose.

You can purchase this brand from Amazon.

I am so happy to have found this oil, especially now that I understand the importance that it plays in helping maintain healthy skin. But as I always say, do your own research and make your decision. Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,

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