Monday, April 21, 2014

Makeup habits that could make us look older!

I ran across an article from Oprah's  website last week on things that we do with makeup that could be adding years on our face. I am going to give you the highlights of the article. You will probably recognize at least one of these from your daily routine.


Using too much foundation,
 it will settle into any fine lines and wrinkles. Only apply where needed.


Over concealing your under eye dark circles.
Too much concealer will actually draw attention to your under eye area because the skin there is thin. Apply it only near the inner corners of your under eye where shadows are most prominent. "My tip" use concealor highlighters on top of regular concealor.


A dark color lipstick makes any lip surface look smaller.
To make your mouth look fuller-choose bright lipsticks and glosses, (peaches, pinks and vibrant reds over deep shades, (burgundies, wines and browns)


Finishing off your makeup with face powder prevents light reflection and tends to magnify lines and wrinkles in the skin.


Don't skip eyeliner altogether-it's a great way to make your eyes look more open, but choose brown over black.
Using liner and mascara on lower lids. Playing up your lower lashes can make your eyes look  droopy and draw attention to dark circles. Personally I like a little liner and mascara on the lower lid.


Going overboard with lip liner.
If you line your lips too heavily with a lip color that is too dark, they will look tight and pursed. For the most natural effect-your lip liner should match the color of your lips.


Skipping blush.
If blush is applied correctly it can offer a little lift. Smile and find the fleshiest parts of your cheek and apply the blush. Blend the color towards your temples.


Applying lipstick straight from the tube.
Use you finger or a lip/brush, so you don't apply too much. Concentrate the lipstick in the center of the mouth and blend with your finger.


Choosing too dark of an eyebrow pencil.
Choose a shade lighter than your natural brow.

It's always fun to get beauty tips!! Apply what ever makes sense to you!

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