Monday, April 15, 2013

Friends that Inspire...

I am so fortunate to have an amazing friend who does nothing but inspire me every time we are together. We have known each other for only 3 years but it seems like 23 years. You know what I am talking about? We could go for 6 months without seeing each other and when we got together it would be as if no time had past.  She just recently decided to do a detox and cleanse. She took off
 to her sister's home in CA, and spent about a month there. She and her sister worked out every day and juiced and ate high vibrational food. When she came home she was 20+ lbs lighter and full of energy and happiness. I saw her last week and she looked so full of life and a much smaller version of the woman that I had seen at the first of January. She didn't even have to talk about all the things she had been doing-it was soooo obvious.

I think I got a little lazy over the winter. I wasn't exercising as much as I like. And somehow when you live somewhere that is overcast and raining most of the winter you convince yourself that it is okay not to push yourself the way you do when it is warm and sunny outside.
When I went to visit her last week all of that changed. She lives in this neighborhood that has hills that are so steep it's like hiking straight up the side of a mountain. She took me on a 4 1/2 mile hike the 3 days I was there,up and down, up and down for an hour and 13 minutes. But it was so awesome to be sore and feel the effects of pushing yourself harder than normal. She fixed incredible healthy dinners and I felt so wonderful. And we always took her dog Houli on the hikes-he was amazing, and kept us so entertained.!!

When I got home I immediately increased my running from 3 miles to 4. I felt like being with her gave me the jump start to increase what I was doing. And I pulled my juicer out and started back juicing again.  I have mostly been doing super food smoothies for the last year and after being with her I realized how much I missed my juicer. So off to the farmers market I went on Sat and bought 2 types of Kale, orange beets, apples and carrots. Juice that with lemons and ginger and you will be addicted!!

You know that you have an amazing friendship when you only want the best for your friend. I was so happy for her that she had put in the time, effort and dedication and reaped the results. I don't think I have ever seen her look better. She is beautiful on the inside and out!

If you are blessed to have an amazing inspiring friend-let them know how special they are, and how much they mean to you. My experience with friends is that you only get a few really good ones, actually I could count on one hand my really good friends. So let them know they are important.
Thank you Nancy for being a wonderful Inspiring, gracious, kind friend! I love you!

Until next time,

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