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Law of Attraction

A relative of mine posted this article by Beatrice Magnam on her Facebook page and I wanted to share it with my blog readers. It was originally posted on

Any careful study of the Law of Attraction proves that what we think about, we bring about. To quote Mike Dooley in the movie that started the phenomenal interest in this Law, ‘Thoughts become things.’
People often tell me that they want to learn how to use the Law of Attraction to improve their lives, whether this means their relationships, their financial situation, or their health. It is during these discussions that I noticed something important.

They differentiate between the very short period of time, perhaps as little as five minutes a day, in which they try to focus on their goals and, for a good part of the rest of the time, they will say things like, ‘I was just thinking, what if…‘ or, ‘I was daydreaming, that’s all it was.’
When questioned further, they will often admit that whatever they were daydreaming about or ‘just thinking about’, is almost always negative. In short, they are spending most of their time concentrating on the problem, and a tiny percentage of their time thinking about their intention in a positive way.
The Law of Attraction does not work that way! I am well aware that it is next to impossible to focus on one thing, one thought only for an entire day. In fact, it is difficult to do such a thing even for fifteen minutes.

In order to help those reading this article successfully harness the power of the Law of Attraction to achieve their aims, I ask that you suspend any disbelief or critical thought just for a moment or two, as you read this.

Couched within each moment and each point of what seems to be space is a vortex, teeming with possibilities that will remain non-physical and obviously invisible to you until you change your focus. Without realizing it, you yourself are at the center of the vortex, for this is your reality, the reality that you are creating from moment to moment, from day to day, for the rest of your life…and it is through your thoughts that you will realize (make real) any one of the experiences available to you.

Imagination and the Law of Attraction
To quote Napoleon Bonaparte, ‘Imagination rules the world.’ We have been given the ability to make up things in our minds, using thoughts and mental images (pictures), that do not necessarily have any basis in the reality we are presently experiencing.
By learning to use our imagination correctly, and with discipline, we can pull into our experience any one of the wonderful possibilities that exist within our own non-physical pool of probabilities.

I have always believe that it is a bit easier to start with something small, as opposed to, say, something like winning the lottery, – so I personally recommend that you try the following. The key here is to do it quickly, because in my experience the thoughts that will come to you the fastest are those that are closest at hand for your desire to be fulfilled.
1.Decide on one thing that you would really like to happen within the next couple of days.

2.Quickly choose a way in which it could possibly happen (but make it vague – there is no need to insist that it come to you this way).

3.Make up a nice little story in your head, an imaginary construct, of this happening.

4.Take this short mental movie and run it through your head every time your mind starts to focus on the problem.

5.Allow the emotions that build up over the first few exercises of this imaginary construct to build to a crescendo.

To give you an example of what I mean, allow me to present you with a real-life story.
A friend of mine found herself in a rather dire financial situation. She was a month behind in her rent and in arrears for her electricity bill. She is, however, a wonderful student of the Law of Attraction, and getting better at it every day.
She knew that whenever she received money, it came in the form of a check and it arrived by mail. Several times a day she enjoyed the imaginary experience of descending the stairs of her apartment building to walk her dog, stopping to gather her mail, and in her mailbox would be a check that would cover her needs. She would imagine her astonishment as she opened it, and the emotion of surprised joy and relief to be so overwhelming that she would just plunk herself down on one of the stairs. Naturally, this would cause her adoring dog to start licking her face, which would make her giggle as it always did.
This was a simple, disciplined and very enjoyable way to use her imagination, and each time she played this movie in her mind the emotions became stronger.
Two days after she began this exercise, she called me to let me know that when she went to walk her dog, she stopped to get her mail. Inside was a check from the insurance company that had covered the building she had lived in over a year ago, which was demolished by fire.
She had thought everything was already settled, and that she and the tenants had already received any monies owed to them for the damages. As it turned out, some of the tenants had gotten together and forced the company to re-evaluate their assessments, – this check was her share of the results. It covered her rent, electricity, and left her with a lovely surplus.
Her imaginary little story proved to be the key to drawing in the closest, fastest possibility available to help her achieve her goal.

Try it. It works!

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  1. Wow, that is a really cool story about your friend, you could write that off as a coincident, but I think it goes to show that God wants to bless us whenever He can, we just have to trust in His Divine Providence and plan for his life.
    I thought it was interesting you mentioned Mike Dooley, I only recently have heard of him ( His book sounds pretty cool, I will have to check it out.

  2. Thank you for your comment Robert. I am going to check out the link you provided.
    Stop by any time...Jan