Sunday, January 11, 2015

Organic, Unrefined and Unfiltered

Organic symbols are everywhere you look today. Produce, clothing, soaps, spices, coconut water, fruit drinks, protein powders, cosmetics. and oils....the list is endless. I want to share with you a little bit of information about organic oils that you may not know.
Just because an oil says that it is organic doesn't mean that there has not been chemicals involved in the extraction process to remove the oil from the nut or seed.  Take Almond oil for example. You can grow an Organic grove of almond trees and never put any pesticides or herbicides on them in the growing process and follow all the organic guidelines to meet the criteria  to say-grown Organic. But you may not be aware, when the oil is extracted form the organic almond, most companies use petroleum or some other chemical solvents to extract the oil along with extremely high temperatures. Now your organic almond oil has chemicals in them. This process is called refinement. This type of extraction saves companies lots of money, but you think you are buying 100% Organic. What we need to be looking for in oils is not just the word Organic but the statement, Organic, unrefined and unfiltered. 

In order for an oil to be labeled unrefined the nuts must be extracted by some type of cold pressed method. This type of extraction of the oils does not use any solvents, hexane or alcohol and this means that the oils have not been processed through heat intensive hydraulic extraction, which will produce unhealthy, lower quality oils.
Unrefined oils maintain their rich strong flavor and color and nutrients.

Also oils may go through a filtering process that uses bleaching or synthetic silica to eliminate carotenoids, fatty acids and pesticides or active carbon to deodorize and reduce orders. Needless to say these steps produce a lower standard oil.

Oils that say unrefined do not go through this process.

So when choosing oils, choose 100% Organic, unrefined and unfiltered for your skin. This guarantees quality and integrity for your skin. This is our standard at Real Raw Beauty. Our oils that are extracted from a seed or a nut are not only Organic, but unrefined and unfiltered. It makes a difference. And when you use Real Raw Beauty oils on your face and body you will see and feel the difference. Check out the ingredient labels on your skin care.  Unless it says 100% Organic, unrefined,'s not.

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