Thursday, October 11, 2012

Traveling Healthy

I have been doing so much traveling this summer that I just wanted to share with my readers how I travel and eat healthy.  I am sitting in the lobby of the downtown Marriott in Tampa Fl typing out my blog waiting for my husband to get out of meetings, so I decided to sit and write about my trip and tell you how I travel.   My greatest purchase to date is my Blendtec Blender!

I do not go on any trip without it. We went to Mexico in August and it traveled in the overhead bin right along with me. I have learned a few secrets about traveling with it though. For one I never check it because I see how they throw the luggage around, (it's a little on the expense side, but so worth the investment.) Secondly,  I learned that you have to scrub it down before you pack it because I have left small traces of protein powder on it and they have pulled it off the scanner and taken to the side to do a swab test. I actually have to pull it out of my carry on bag and place it in a tray by itself just like a computer or I can be guaranteed that it will get pulled and searched and just make me have to take extra time going through security. But now that I take it out each time and it is sparkling clean, it rolls through the scanner with no problems.

So every morning that I am traveling I feel like I am at home. I pack most of the ingredients that I put in my smoothies and right there on the spot I blend up my breakfast!! It is so wonderful to be able to travel with it!!

 I bring plant based protein powder, hemp seeds, maca root powder and Diatomacious Earth, coconut oil and Health Force Chlorella Manna. I just buy the coconut water and banana's after I get to wherever I am going. I have to scale the ingredients down from what I do at home because I don't have enough room for everything! It is a little bit of a hassle sometimes to carry all of my stuff, but it is so worth it to be able to make my smoothies and feel great all day.

Raw nuts, goji berries, dates and raw chocolate are also in my bag.

I also take my Yerba Mate tea. Most hotel rooms have a little coffee maker in the room, but because it makes your tea water taste like coffee I usually go to down to the restaurant and get a mug or carafe of hot water, (which by the way I always take my own big mug since I don't like the little coffee mugs in hotels!)

So these are a  few travel tips that I live by to make my trips much more enjoyable. If you have some good travel tips let us all know about them!!

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