Monday, March 19, 2012

Jealousy and Resentment....

I seriously do not know anyone that has not struggled with jealousy and resentment. So I have  decided to share a video on the subject from a woman that I have come to love, Byron Katie. Through her videos and written words I have learned to move through many hard places in my life and free myself up to love and enjoy my life at such a higher level.

The video is an hour, but you can split it up into 30 min sessions. The first one is on resentment and the second one is one jealousy.

If you still face these emotions in your life and have not freed yourself from you will be given the tools to move through these muddy waters and on to the other side. All she asked you to do is to answer 4 questions.

Until next time,

Byron Katie - Resentment and Jealousy


  1. Hey, you´re back! I totally missed that, but why? Thank you gfc. Great topic, btw. I will watch it after posting my comment, thank you Jan! xx Doro

  2. Thank you Doro for coming by and reading!! So nice to be missed!!!