Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meat...Some facts you might not know

In preperation for a Introduction to raw foods workshop that I am doing in June I ran across some very interesting facts about "meat". So I thought I would share this information with my readers.

I think the most asked question I receive when people find out that I eat a raw food diet is"what do you do about getting enough protein if you are not eating meat?" In my mind I am so glad they asked because it just opens the door to share a lot of great infromation.

Actually if the truth be told...most meat is 75% fat and somewhere around 15-18% protien.

Shocking,,,, but bee pollen and blue green algae are complete protein sources.  Blue green algae contains  60% protein which is easily digested by the body as compared to meat which is very very difficult for the body to digest. And bee pollen contains all 22 essential amino acids and is an energy rich source of complete protein.

Here are a few facts to think about before ordering that next grilled chicken, steak or ribs...

In a research study by Paavo Airola (nutritionist, naturalpathic physician, educator, and award winning lecturor) he discoverd that overconsumption of meat protein contributes to the creation and cause of most common diseases....

Kidney damage
Heart disease
just to name a few..........

Other research has linked high meat intake with organ, tissue, and cell degeneration and premature aging...

High meat intake creates Amyloid....a by product of protein metabolism.  When this is deposited in the connective tissues it causes cell and tissue degeneration, which contributes to the aging process!!!!

The metabolic combustion of high meat intake produces the by product ammonia.....which is directly toxic to the body.  It has been proven to create free radical damage and cross linking (a process associated with wrinkles and aging). It also depletes the body of energy.

Another danger of high meat intake is osteoporosis....Meat is much higher in phosphorus than plant food.
The high phosphorus in meat draws the calcium out of the bones which creates a loss in bone density.

Also the meat is high in fat and the fat blocks the calcium uptake.

Female vegetarians have only 7% bone loss as compared to nonvegetarian which have 35%.

 These are only a few of the reasons that I have chosen an all plant diet....

We can get every vitamin, mineral, and protein that we need from a plant based diet.

I will be 55 on my next birthday and I have slowly converted to a raw diet....I started out vegetarian, then vegan, and then to a completely raw diet. Personaly speaking I feel better, look better and definitely act better. I have lost a good amount of weight, my skin is clear and glowing and I have energy for 10.

When you are eating a plant based diet you are as close to nature as possible...I don't know how we got so far away from nature and it's rich sources of food, and replaced it with eating factory farmed meat.

I encourage everyone to do their own research...don't stick your head in the sand, and continue to feel bad, have low energy and fight sickness and disease. There is a better way to eat. and Im living proof!!!

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  1. Jan, I found your blog through your daughter-in-law's and I am intrigued by your lifestyle! You seem to know a lot about natural supplements and I was wondering if you knew any natural remedies for slowing hair growth? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey there short and sweet-
    The only product that I know of for slowing down hair growth is Kalo-It comes from a plant grown in Hawaii-It is made by a company called Nisim and you can find it on line or go amazon and they sell it-I hope this is helpful-Thanks for reading! Jan

  3. You are gorgeous and don't look your age one bit! Three cheers for exposing some of the nasty truths about meat... I will post a link on my blog!


  4. Hey GreenGal-Thanks for posting a link on your site-I added you to my blog roll-so everybody go click on livin 'la veda vegan!

  5. so inspirational! Thank you!!!