Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eden's real raw story........

When I started school  this year I weighed 100 pounds. I am an 11 year old sixth grader, and I am 5'2 ".
I began to eat school lunches and at the end of the second quarter I weighed 130 pounds (just shows you
what school lunches can do to you) . Meanwhile my mom was doing this raw diet and she was nearing my weight. She had just had a baby and was losing her pregnancy weight on the raw diet.  I wasn’t worried because I distributed my weight very well in my hips and thighs, and also because I am tall for my  age, but my diet wasn’t healthy. I also wasn’t getting much exercise except for gym class, I had to think of a plan and fast!

My mother, aunt and, grandmother were all doing raw.  One night after eating a big pasta dinner, I
awoke to find that I had PUPPY FAT,  it was the last straw I was going raw. By the time I decided to go
raw my mom weighed ten pounds less than me.  We made a plan for lunch at school.  I would pack a salad
with a side of honey mustard, air popped pop corn, raw nuts and dried fruit. I will post pictures as I continue lose weight and improve my health.

For the longest time I have had asthma, but now I’m taking everything out of my diet that could make my asthma worse ( like wheat ) I hope to grow out of it soon.  Hi my name is Eden Massey I hope to be an inspiration to children everywhere who can’t lose weight.  Well here’s a way, this is what works for me.

Keep checking back...... I will continue to blog about my progress!!!

Shining the light



  1. Eden,

    What a great, thoughtful post!! You look terrific, not to mention, your skin is GLOWING! Can't wait to read more!


  2. You go girl!!! An inspiration to children AND adults!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eden, you are amazing. You inspire me. Love to you!